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Saffire Blue FAQ

1. Does Saffire Blue offer formulating advice? While Saffire Blue Inc. prides itself on customer service, for legal reasons we cannot be your cosmetic chemist. General questions regarding percentage, usage or general information will be provided. We cannot stress enough that Research and Development will enable you to successfully formulate a product that is unique to you. In the end, we hope that with the necessary R&D it will bring you great joy and pride with all your cosmetic endeavors.

2. What happens if product contents are damaged during shipment? We do our best to ensure that your product is packed and will be delivered safely. Please be sure to inspect your order as soon as it arrives. If, for any reason, the box has ANY signs of damage, contact us immediately. All claims, due to shipping damage, must be made within 24 hours of receipt of package.

3. Refused Packages. Any packages returned to us due to customer refusing shipment (damaged shipments are not included) will be billed for any shipping charges incurred plus a 20% restocking fee.

4. Can I pick up my order? Yes. Orders can be picked up during normal business hours with 48 hours notice. Same day orders will incur a $10.00 rush order fee.

5. Are the prices listed on the website wholesale or retail? The prices listed on the website are wholesale prices. We do not have retail prices. In addition there are no special requirements to qualify for our wholesale prices. Call Saffire Blue Inc. to inquire about our bulk pricing.

6. Are your essential oils 100% pure? Our essential oils are sourced from different countries all over the world and are 100% pure and natural.

7. Can I use Flavour Oils to scent my cold process soap? No. Flavour Oils are for use in products/cosmetics that are intended to be ingested or applied to the mouth. They are for taste, not for scent. Also, they are suspended in a Coconut Oil base which will throw off your recipe. Only Fragrance Oils or Essential Oils are for use in products intended to be applied on the body.

8. My Palm/Coconut 76 oil is solid, how can I melt it?  You can easily melt oils that have solidified by placing them in a warm water bath, either in the bath tub or your kitchen sink, and letting them sit for roughly 20 minutes. Be sure to completely melt the oils and mix them before using to make sure that no separation occurs.

9. Do your bottles and jars come with lids?  Due to the large array of lid options for our packaging (various colours, sizes, etc.) the lids for our bottles and jars are sold separately. This is to ensure that each customer gets the look the want for their packaging line.

10. Is there special pricing on ordering large amounts of packaging?  Yes. If you order 3-5 cases of any packaging item, you will receive 5% off the price for each case. If you purchase 6-10 cases you will receive 10% off.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing bulk cases.

11.  Do you carry shrink bands for deodorant tubes?  While we do carry a wide range of shrink bands, at this time we do not carry shrink bands for the deodorant tubes.

12. What colour are the deodorant tubes and do they come with lids?  The 15 gram, 50 gram and 75 gram deodorant tubes are white, the 30 gram are black. All of the deodorant tubes come with lids. 

13. Do you offer samples? We do not offer “free samples” of our products. To do so, we would have to increase prices on other products.  We do offer our products in small sizes, which are great for testing. Our fragrance oils are sold in 1/2 dram sample sizes for $1, which are perfect for a "sniff test".

14. Do I have to create an account to place an order?   No. We do offer the option to check out as a guest. We do, however, recommend that you sign up as there are significant advantages to having an account including: a 3% discount on all orders that you place, the ability to save your shopping cart so you can come back and finish shopping later, as well as access to all of the invoices from your previous orders. You also can log into your account at any time to check your order status.  You get email updates as your order goes through processing, as well as information with your tracking number as soon as your order ships from the warehouse.

15. Can I call in an order?  No. Your order must be submitted online. In order for us to ensure the accuracy and satisfaction of our customers we only accept orders that are submitted online.

16. Do you have a minimum order?  No.

17. Cancellations?  Our orders are processed promptly. Orders which have not yet been packaged for shipment will be charged a $5 cancellation fee.  Orders which have already been packaged for shipment will be charged a 20% restocking fee. The actual amount of time will vary depending upon the season, but in most cases the order will have undergone processing in less than three hours.

18. When can I expect to see my refund?   Once you have selected to receive a refund, your paper work is then sent to the accounting department. Once received by our accounting department, it can take up to two weeks for the refund to be processed.

19. Colourants? Our micas are sold by weight, not volume. One ounce of mica may require a 2 - 3 ounce container. Remember to consider this when you are comparison shopping and for shipping size.

20. What is MSDS? MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. It provides detailed product information needed by material handlers and emergency workers on physical and chemical data. This includes melting points, boiling points, flash points, reactivity, first aid instruction, toxicity, storage recommendations, disposal instructions, control measures, protective equipment instructions and spill and leak procedures.

21. What is a Certificate of Analysis? A Certificate of Analysis is the result of testing against acceptable parameters. Certificates of Analysis can look quite different from product to product, industry to industry. However, with Essential Oils, measurement quite often consists of the dominant constituent of a particular oil.

22. What is a GC Report? GC stands for Gas Chromatograph. In simple terms, a GC separates an essential oil into individual components. The oil is vaporized upon entry into the device, and the oil passes through a column assisted by a carrier gas (usually helium or hydrogen). The column itself sits within an oven; here change in heat over time is managed. Different chemical compounds react at different speeds within the column, and this information is captured on the Gas Chromatograph.

GC reports are unique, and in many publications, they are referred to as fingerprints of that particular batch of essential oil. They help purchasers protect their quality by ensuring major constituents are within generally accepted guidelines, as well as providing quantitative proof that received product matches approved samples. Still, it is important to note some of the limitations with GC's. While a GC may produce a unique fingerprint of an essential oil, this result is often unique to the GC device and the skill of the user. Even when conditions such as the type of column being used, ambient temperature, retention rates, etc are held equal, results may have slight variations. Another limitation is that without Mass Spectrometry (MS), a device significantly more expensive than even a GC, individual components cannot be identified. In recent years this has become less of an issue as libraries of reference are being compiled and made available. Sources are typically Food and Flavor journals, and by replicating conditions with a GC, major constituents can now be reasonably identified.

23.  First Nation (Indian Status) Card Holders:   Please place your order using our on-line system. In the comment section, please input your status number. We will adjust your order total and issue a refund in the same manner you paid.


1. When will my FedEx Expedited or Canada Post Expedited order be shipped?  Orders without rush processing will ship in the order they are received, regardless of the shipment method chosen. Choosing an Expedited shipping method may reduce the amount of time your order spends in transit, but will not decrease the time it takes us to pick and pack your order for shipment.  If you would like your order packaged and shipped the next business day, please add rush processing to your order.

2. When will my case of containers/bottles/jars be shipped?  Cases may take up to 2 weeks to be packaged and shipped.  Any order cancellations containing master cases will be charged a 20% restocking fee.

3. What is the difference between Rush Order Processing, Loomis/FedEx Express shipping, and Canada Post Expedited shipping?

  • Rush Order Processing pushes your order to the front of the line in our warehouse for fulfillment. That means that your order is fulfilled first before any other orders that day and it will ship within one business day of placing your order.
  • Express Shipping with Loomis/FedEx means that your order is processed regularly in our warehouse and that once the courier company picks it up, it is rushed on their end.
  • Expedited Shipping by Canada Post means that your order is processed regularly in our warehouse and that once it is given to Canada Post, their service provides delivery next day local (Ontario), 1 to 3 days regional, and 2 to 7 days national, between most major urban centres.

4. What do the different Loomis Express Domestic shipping options mean?

  • LOOMIS EXP DOM 9:00 - Once your parcel is given to Loomis, they guarantee delivery by 9:00 am the following day.
  • LOOMIS EXP DOM 12:00 -  Once your parcel is given to Loomis, they guarantee delivery by noon the following day.
  • LOOMIS EXP DOM 18:00 -  Once your parcel is given to Loomis, they guarantee delivery by 6:00 pm the following day.

5. How much will my shipping cost?   For an estimate on the shipping cost of your order, simply place the items into your shopping cart. Once you have added the desired items, click to view your shopping cart.  Scroll down to click the button that says “Estimate Shipping.”  A new page will pop up with an estimate of your shipping charges.  *Please note that it is only an estimate and the actual shipping cost is subject to change depending on the method of shipping you choose.

6. How do I track my order? An automated email with your tracking number will be sent to your after your package leaves our warehouse. Simply click the link to track your package. It's that simple.  You can also track your package by logging into the My Account section of our website and viewing your order history.

7. Do you ship to Canada?  Yes. Our main warehouse is located in Tillsonburg, Ontario.

8. Is a certain shipping method available in my area?  Customers are responsible for contacting the courier of their choice to make sure that the service they are requesting is available for their location. This means that if you select overnight priority shipping, two day shipping, or you choose to ship with Loomis or FedEx and you have a PO Box you must call the provider, at their customer service number, to make sure that those services are available in your area.

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