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How to Calculate How Much Product You Need for Your Project

One of the things that you must figure out before you make a batch of homemade soap is how much product you’re going to need.  A soap recipe calls for exact measurements, and simply tossing a bunch of ingredients in won’t get the desired results.  Sometimes, you may feel as though you’re in science class when you’re making soap, but there is a way to eliminate a lot of the trial and error.  By using our lye calculator, you can figure out how much product you need to make the soap you want.

lye calculator is an online tool that enables you to figure out how much of each ingredient you need with just a few clicks of your mouse.  Some calculators will even go so far as to tell you if the soap recipe you want to use will make a firm bar of soap or produce a good lather.

Basically, you start off with a lye calculator by entering the type of lye you’re going to use.  Typically, this will either be sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide.  Some will also have a spot to enter a liquid lye solution, if you’re using one that’s already made. 

After you’ve completed that step, you will proceed to fill in the rest of the boxes to round out the recipe.  This may include whether you’re entering the weights in grams or ounces, what type of liquid you’re using in your recipe, and any fillers or fragrances you may be using.  Then, you enter the weight of each oil or fat that you’re going to use in your soap recipe, by entering an amount next to the fat or oil on the page.  Any you leave blank just won’t be included.

Once it’s all been filled in, just hit the ‘calculate’ button and it will tell you how much lye to use to make the soap.  You can just follow proven recipes and use the amounts that are given, or muddle through on your own until you find a winning combination, but a lye calculator really simplifies the process.

lye calculator enables you to try new recipes easier, and with better results.  You can use just a basic kind of calculator or get a little more elaborate depending on your preference, but try one out to see if it helps you figure out how much product to use with each recipe.

Remember, when you’re working with lye, work in a well-ventilated area and wear protective clothing for your eyes, face, hands and feet!

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