For the safety and convenience of you and your customers, all our oxides and ultramarines are Cosmetic Grade. We pack in zip-lock bags for your convenience. Specification sheets and MSDS’s are available for all these products.

Iron Oxides are also natural colourants, similar to micas, however; when found in nature they often contain traces of toxic metals like mercury, antimony, lead and arsenic. Before certification for use in cosmetics however, the oxides are processed and refined so that they are safe for use on skin and are no longer considered to be in their natural state. The levels of metals found in oxides are heavily regulated and closely monitored before they are approved for sale for cosmetic use.

Oxides are the strongest pigments available. They are available in a variety of colors and most are weather resistant and non-bleeding.

All cosmetic-grade ultramarines are lab-manufactured from sulphur. As a result, the product can develop an odour of “sulphur” or “rotten egg” in various formulating conditions.  Typically this is related to the pH of the product – if you bring the product under 6 on the pH scale you may begin to notice an odour. Generally, this is only a problem with the Ultramarine Blue shades (not the pinks or violets).

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