Liquid, Cream & Bar Soap Calculator

Create the type of soap      
      Enter 100 to make solid bar soaps.

Enter 0 to make liquid soaps.

Enter between 10 and 30 to make cream soaps. Higher values = thicker soap.

Enter 0 to 10 to thicken liquid soap.

Enter % Sodium Hydroxide    
Calculated % Potassium Hydroxide    
Enter Lye Discount   Enter a lye discount between 0 and 15 %  
Enter Units   Choose Ounces, Pounds, Grams or Kilograms.  
Is this a cream soap? (Mixed lye)   Cream soaps are made with a mixture of  
      sodium and potassium hydroxide. Additional water and glycerine are added. Experiment to find the best amount of water for your formula.  
      This calculator updates every time that you move to a new cell. Move to an empty cell or press UPDATE to complete the calculations before printing the recipe.  
Enter the amount of each oil required      
  Oil Weight   Oil Weight
Almond Oil (Sweet)   Neat's Foot oil
Aloe Butter   Neem Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil   Olive Butter
Avocado Oil   Olive Oil
Avocado Butter   Palm Kernel Oil
Babassu Oil   Palm Oil
Beeswax   Peanut Oil
Butterfat, cow   Pecan oil
Butterfat, goat   Pistachio Seed oil
Canola Oil   Poppyseed oil
Candelilla Wax   Pumpkinseed oil
Carnauba Wax   Rapeseed Oil
Castor Oil   Rice Bran Oil
Cocoa Butter   Rosehip Seed Oil
Coconut Oil 76   Safflower Oil
Corn Oil   Sal Butter
Cottonseed oil   Sesame Seed Oil
Evening Primrose Oil   Shea Butter (Karite)
Emu Oil   Shea Oil
Flaxseed Oil   Soybean oil
Grapeseed Oil   Soybean Wax
Hazelnut Oil   Stearic acid
Hemp Seed oil   Sunflower Seed Oil
Jojoba Oil   Tallow, beef
Karite (Shea Butter)   Tallow, deer (venison fat)
Kokum Butter   Tallow, Emu (oil)
Kukui nut oil   Tallow, goat
Lanolin   Tallow, mutton
Macadamia Nut oil   Tung oil
Mango Butter   Walnut oil
Meadowfoam Seed Oil   Wheatgerm Oil
Mink Oil    
Calculated Values for Ingredients      
Sodium Hydroxide required    
Potassium Hydroxide required    
Total Oil Weight    
Batch Water Total water calculation includes extra water for cream soaps to allow them to cure as soft soaps  
+ Cream Soap Water Addition  
Total Water required    
Maximum Fragrance Level    
Glycerine required    
Soapmaking Instructions
Solid Bar Soaps      
Liquid Soaps      
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