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What are Cosmetic Grade Micas?

The term Mica is the name for a group of naturally occurring minerals. Although Micas are found in nature, the Mica powders that are certified for cosmetic use are crushed, purified, or refined to make them safe for use on skin. The addition of Titanium Dioxide, as well as Iron Oxides and Ultramarines, are what give us the multitude of colours and shades of Micas. They also can have varying degrees of light reflecting properties. Micas can be completely matte, opalescent/shimmery, or sparkling; those with shimmer effects are also called glitters.

Micas can be used in lipsticks, lip balms, rouges, foundations, eye shadows, eyeliners and mascaras. Please note that the mica you are using in your cosmetic is safe for eye and lip application. Micas can also be used to colour soaps and candles. All our micas are packaged in zip-top bags; for your convenience, you may wish to order jars to store your mica. Check out our large selection of jars under packaging to find you desire size.

Some Cosmetic Grade Micas Sold Through Saffire Blue Include:
Our 24 Karat Gold Mica floats into the air with extra-large sparkle and shine. This hue is a strong-toned yellow with a hint of red. Happy, hopeful, sunny and fun.

Our Antique Copper is a familiar, all-purpose brown mica with a slight reddish hue. Used in all kinds of cosmetics and personal care products. Very popular in products that are meant to give a darker colour to the skin or to match a dark skin tone.

Black Amethyst Mica is a subdued, blackened purple with surprising after-sheens of a bright, fuchsia pink.

Cloisonne Red Mica is a bright, elegant poodle-in-Paris pink. Medium shimmer with a violet hi-light — Sweet, vibrant glam for any gal.

Iridescent Blue Mica is an iridescent colour in an all-white-appearing powder that has a highlight of blue. Iridescent colours are especially beautiful in eyes shadows, lipsticks, balms, lotions, liquids and clear soap. They also blend well with other colours giving them an unexpected complexity. 

Midnight Blue Mica This deep purplish-blue is as dark and mysterious as the night sky from a restless bedroom window. Blue lapis-lazuli at first, slipping to sapphire, at last lapsing into deep purple-black.

Pearl Blue Mica is tinged with a hint of green, resulting in a tranquil, cool and carefree pastel.

Tibetan Ochre Mica is a muted pinkish red, subtle and refined, very natural looking.

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