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All You Need to Know About Molds and Stamps

Molds and stamps are both a great option when it comes to customizing your soap bars. Each can offer beautiful designs and shapes that will add an element of fun to your soap! From holiday or seasonal-themed molds to stamps featuring text or symbols, the perfect design for your soap is out there!

What’s the Difference?
The main difference between soap molds and soap stamps is in the way they are used. With soap molds, you pour your traced soap solution into a mold that may have a unique pattern or shape to it and let it cool. Soap stamps on the other hand may be used for both melt and pour or cold process soaps, and they leave a decorative imprint on the top of the soap bar. If you wish to use soap stamps, you will still have to first use a mold to form your bars (try a log mold or a plain bar mold) before you can stamp the top.

Tips for Using Soap Molds

  • Small bowls, plastic containers and clean milk cartons all make great basic and easy to use soap molds when you are just starting to make your own soap.
  • Lining your soap molds may make it easier to release your soaps – some types of liners you might use ┬áinclude silicone, Teflon, freezer paper, and even shortening or oil! The liner that works best for you will depend on the type of soap you are making.
  • If any air bubbles rise to the top of your soap after pouring into the mold, lightly spray with rubbing alcohol to get rid of them.
  • Clean your soap molds using warm water to get rid of leftover soap residue.

Tips for Using Soap Stamps

  • Try adding more dimension to your stamped soap by saturating an ink pad with soap colourant, and press the soap stamp into the ink before placing on the soap.
  • If you wish to stamp melt and pour soaps, take the bars out of the mold as soon as possible, and stamp while the bar is still somewhat soft. Melt and pour soaps are harder than cold or hot process soaps and therefore more difficult to stamp.
  • Choose a simple stamp without too much detail to ensure a clean and crisp impression on your soap.
  • Remember to rinse all stamps after use and clean with a soft brush to ensure there are no remnants of soap left. Dry thoroughly before storing.

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