Lip Balm & Gloss

Basic Lip Gloss Formula

Phase I

3 parts Castor Oil
3 parts Refined (clear) Jojoba Oil or other light, clear oil
1 part Beeswax
1 part Polysorbate 80

Phase II

1 part Vegetable Glycerin

Phase III

Flavour oil
Lip safe Mica
Preservative (at recommended usage rate)

Melt the ingredients in Phase I over a double boiler.

Add Vegetable Glycerin and whisk until emulsified.

While still warm, add the desired amount of flavour oil and mica.

Add preservative.

Using a knife or other flat instrument, gently remove the applicator wiper from the container.

While lip-gloss is still warm and liquefied, fill containers using a tiny funnel. Be careful not to fill cylinders to the top! You need room to insert the applicator wiper and wand.

Allow the product to cool completely before capping.


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