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Colouring Soap Naturally

Colouring soap with natural ingredients will yield more muted tones than artificially coloured commercial soaps.  Some natural colourants also offer additional benefits, such as exfoliation and antioxidants.

Alfalfa Leaf Powder
Colour:  Medium green
Benefits:  Relieves fatigue, muscle tenderness, pain and inflammation

Alkanet Root Powder (infuse in oil)
Colour: Purple, Blue or Pink depending on amount used and alkalinity of soap

Annatto Seed Powder (infuse in oil)
Colour:  Yellow to orange
Benefits:  High in bixin (a potent antioxidant)

Beetroot Powder:
Colour: Red to Violet
Benefits:  High in many important minerals and micronutrients

Black Walnut Hull Powder – Wild Crafted
Colour:  Adds purple to black specks
Benefits:  Great for exfoliating

Calendula Flower Petals
Colour:  Yellow streaks
Benefits:  Antibacterial and immunostimulant

Calendula Petal Powder
Colour:  Yellow
Benefits:  Antibacterial and immunostimulant

Carrot Root Powder
Colour:  Yellowish orange
Benefits:  Contains beta carotene, High in phytonutrients

Chamomile Flowers Whole
Colour: Beige to Yellow
Benefits: reduce swelling and inflammatory discomfort, congested neuralgia, or facial swelling caused by abscesses

Chamomile Blue Essential Oil – Bulgarian
Colour:  Light green

Cocoa Powder
Colour: Brown
Benefits:  High in antioxidants

Cornflowers Whole
Colour:  Bright Blue Specks
Benefits:  Toning and firming properties

Elder Flowers Whole
Colour: Light Brown
Benefits: High in antioxidants

Hibiscus Flower Powder (infuse in glycerin or oil)
Colour:  Pink
Benefits:  Natural source of alpha-hydroxy acids

Kelp Powder
Colour: Green
Benefits:  High concentration of iodine

Maddar Root Powder
Colour:  Pink to Deep Red
Benefits:  Anti-inflammatory

Morroccan Red Clay
Colour:  Brick Red
Benefits:  Draws out impurities in the skin

Paprika Ground
Colour:  Orange
Benefits:  Rich in Beta-Carotene

Pumice Ground
Colour: Gray
Benefits: Exfoliating

Rosehips Powder
Colour:  Burgundy to Brown
Benefits:  High in Vitamin C

Spearmint c/s
Colour: Green to Brown
Benefits:  Anti-inflammatory

Vanilla Bean Specks – Organic
Colour: Black specks
Benefits: Exfoliating

Woad Powder
Colour:  Various Shades of Blue;  Caution – can stain!

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