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Cupcake Soaps

546f7ec2e7bdd-0[1]Cupcake Soaps

Recipe by Anka Schwarz


1.1-ounce Avocado Oil

7.7 ounces Canola Oil

1.1 ounce Castor Oil

4.4 ounces Coconut Oil

5.5 ounces Palm Oil

2.2 ounces Natural Shea Butter

3 ounces Lye

7.2 oz Distilled water

titanium dioxide

yellow mica

pink mica

sugar pearls



So first I melt all the oils and butter together and let them cool to about 90 degrees F.

Then I add my lye to my water stir until dissolved and let that also cool to 90 degrees F.

While I’m waiting for my lye and oils to cool I line my cupcake pan with silicone cupcake liners.

I then mix my micas in a small amount of avocado oil. About 1 tbsp.

When the lye water and oils are at the same temperatures I add the lye water to the oils slowly.

I then use my stick blender and mix until light traces.

At light trace, I split the batch in 2.  I pour one-half of the mixture into a separate container.

Now I’ll add my colours. I pour my yellow in for the base and I use pink mica for the frosting.

I mix these in well with my stick blender.

Now I’ll add my fragrance. 1 oz to the base and 1 oz to the frosting. I stir in the fragrance and do not stick blend in case the fragrance misbehaves.

I will now pour the base half of my batch into the cupcake liners.

After that prepare a piping bag. And now stir the frosting and then let it sit a couple of minutes I go back and forth between doing this until the batter is thick enough for piping. About 10 min.

I start by piping a rosette in the middle of each cupcake to give the frosting something to build on so it doesn’t collapse in the middle. Then I frost the cupcake as you usually would.

I then add glitter and sugar pears. I used silver sugar pearls because I know the colour won’t bleed into my frosting.

I then covered my cupcakes with a box and insulated them with a towel for 24 hours.

After 24 hours I put them on a curing rack and let them cure for 4-6 weeks


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