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Desserts on Me! Chocolate Body Icing


Yummy!  Our Chocolate Body Icing is perfect for a romantic evening in with your Valentine 😉


100g Non-Deodorized Cocoa Butter

50g Grapeseed Oil (you may substitute with any other light oil of choice)

20g Stearic Acid

15g Artificial Sweetner (ie. Splenda) or Icing Sugar

4g Vitamin E

50g of a Mixture of White/Dark/Milk Chocolate

6g Flavour Oil of choice (we recommend: Chocolate, Caramel or Coconut)

2g Honey Powder

Double Boiler


Mix Honey Powder and Artificial Sweetner together in a bowl.  Melt Grapeseed Oil and Cocoa Butter, then add the Stearic Acid.  When all is melted, add the chocolate.  Let it melt and remove from heat.  As it is cooling down add the remaining ingredients.  Allow to cool down but not to harden.  Put all ingredients in your mixer and beat, beat, beat!  Place into jars and let cool overnight.   Enjoy!

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