Important Announcement on Order Additions

To our valued customers,

We regret to inform you that we are no longer able to offer Order Additions.

While we know that many of our customers enjoyed our Order Addition feature and may be saddened to hear that it is no longer available, we feel that disabling Order Additions is necessary at this time.   There are multiple reasons for this change, as explained below:

  1. Shipping Issues:  We have noticed that over the past few months we have been receiving an astounding number of order additions that are far larger than the initial order that was previously placed both by item quantity, item weight or a combination of both.  Though we have tried to make clear in our shipping policies that order additions may result in additional shipping charges, customers are often upset when they are requested to pay the required shipping charges on their order addition items.
        Example #1:  An order was placed for 3 small items.  Subsequently, an order addition was made for a 25kg bag of Sodium Hydroxide.  This resulted in an increase of shipping charges in excess of what was charged on the initial order, which caused the customer to be unhappy with having to pay additional charges.
        Example #2:  An order was placed for 7 small items.  The order addition was for 32 additional items.  Again, this affected what the shipping charges would be and the customer was unhappy with having to pay an additional shipping charges.
  2. Failure to Follow Through with Proper Order Addition Procedures:  We had included an informative and carefully written section on our website entitled “Order Additions” to assist customers with this feature.  This section explained in detail how Order Additions were to be placed.  Unfortunately, only a small percentage of Order Additions were placed in the proper manner outlined on our website.
    • Customers were to include their Initial Order number in the comment section of their Order Addition, as well as E-mail us to let us know that an Order Addition had been successfully placed.  Doing so would enable Saffire Blue employees to pull the Initial order and alert the warehouse that more items were to be added to this order.   This was rarely followed through and lead to orders being shipped without their additions and, unfortunately, unhappy customers.
    • Customers would place an entirely separate order (including paying for additional shipping) and call explaining that they had been charged for shipping when they intended on having it included with a prior order.  Given that the order was not placed properly, Saffire Blue would thus have to refund monies for shipping (with unnecessary fees and expenses paid on our part.)
    • A great number of Order Additions were placed for shipment to a separate address.  For example, the initial order would instruct that shipping be placed to 123 Main Street and the Order Addition would instruct that shipping be sent to 456 Broadway.  This caused great confusion to Saffire Blue’s shipping department as well as additional shipping incurred for shipping to two separate locations.
  3. Placing Initial Orders as “Order Additions”:  Undoubtedly, this became very frustrating knowing that some of our customers were attempting to take advantage of the order addition feature and not pay for shipping.
  4. Time Lapse with Order Additions:  All Order Additions are treated as an order.  They are not rushed or prioritized.  This would often result in delayed shipment of orders and something considered unpleasant to our valued customers.
  5. Multiple Order Additions:  As noted on our “Order Additions” website section, all customers would be allowed to place “only one” Order Addition.  Many times, people have placed multiple additions, which caused confusion for our shipping department and ultimately led to order additions that were unfulfilled.

While we regret having to dissolve our Order Addition feature, we hope that our customers can understand our reasons for this change.  Saffire Blue truly feels that removing this feature will deter the chances of unnecessary misunderstandings between Saffire Blue employees and our valued customers.  We look forward to continually working diligently in pleasing each and every one of Saffire Blue’s customers.

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