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Is Fall here?

During this (winter like) Labour Day weekend it dawned on me that summer vacation is coming to an end. I look around and can’t help but notice that the leaves are beginning to change colour.  As I reach for a sweater, the thought of a warm beverage from Starbucks enters my mind.   This craving leads me to my vehicle where I begin a trek to the local caffeine haven.  As I enter my personal sanctuary (I love me some Tazo Chai!) my eyes gaze upon the menu board where I notice the fall menu has made it’s way back into my life.  [ENTER BIG SMILE HERE!]  As I contemplate between my regular liquid cocaine and the “I’m-so-good-I-Dance- On- Your-Tongue” Pumpkin Spice Latte I am reminded of the delicious autumn fragrance I have a hard time keeping on the shelf at Saffire Blue Inc. Pumpkin Patch, both in which bring a warm reminiscent feeling of Thanksgiving.

I was sitting by the fire and looked at my youngest and thought wow it’s her last year of high school. I remember years ago when I would wait until my kids were off to school to begin my seasonal soap making, due to the chance of the kids creating havoc.   Since soap making while camping is out of the question I grabbed my computer and did the next best thing!  Look at Soap Porn (this word should be in the dictionary)!  Enjoy! (best while sipping your favourite Starbucks beverage of course)

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