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Lickable Body Butter

This fun body butter is designed to be edible!


100 gms Cocoa Butter (non-deodorized)
50 gms Grapeseed or light oil
20 gms Stearic Acid
15 gms Equal Sweetener
4 gms Vitamin E
50 gms White and Dark Chocolate (total)
6 gms Flavour extract (total) *Chocolate & Coconut
2 gms Vanilla Powder


A double boiler is recommended for best results.

  1. Measure out the Vanilla Powder and the Equal, place in mortar and pestle and grind into a fine powder.
    Measure out the extracts and place in a small container. Put powdered vanilla and Equal in container. Mix well and let rest.
  2. Melt all oils first, then add stearic, when all is melted, add the chocolate.
  3. Let it melt and take off the heat. As it is cooling down add the other ingredients.
  4. Once cooled down and not quite hard then you will want to place in your mixer and beat well.
  5. Place into jars, and let cool overnight.

(This is not a leave-on product.  It is designed to be licked off your partner!)

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