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Love Potion Perfume Recipe

lovepotionThis perfume blend is an especially romantic potion filled with alluring fragrances thought to increase romantic desire.


7 drops Vanilla Bean Fragrance Oil

7 drops Sandalwood Fragrance Oil

4 drops Rose Petals Fragrance Oil

3 drops Ylang Ylang 1 Essential Oil

2 drops Frankincense Essential Oil – Serrata

2 drops Rose Geranium Fragrance Oil

Jojoba Oil – Clear

Amber Glass Bottle – 10 ml

Black Lid w/ Inverted Dropper Tip 18-400


  1. In your amber glass bottle, add your fragrance oils and essential oils.
  2. Fill remainder of vial with jojoba oil and close with dropper lid.
  3. Allow fragrances to mellow for 2-4 weeks before using.

NOTE:  This is a perfume, not a skincare product. It should be used in small quantities on pulse points such as wrists, behind the ears and knees and between the breasts.

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