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Make Your Own Foaming Liquid Hand Soap

Liquid SoapFormulating your product

Airless foamers are designed to work with products of a water-like consistency. Your formula must include sufficient surfactants (ie. soap or detergents) to create the foam. Your liquid product should be water-based and able to foam using only normal air (no gasses or other propellants).

Handmade liquid soaps will work well in airless foamers if they do not contain added fillers or thickeners.  It is recommended to avoid using liquified bar soap in place of a true liquid soap formulation.  Bar soaps tend to become clumpy or gelatinous and can cause the pump mechanisms to become clogged.

When creating your product, dilute the soap as much as you can, while still keeping the desired feel and consistency of the foam.  We recommend 1 part liquid soap to 3 – 6 parts water.  Begin with a 1:3 ratio and add additional water until the foam is the desired consistency. Reducing your dilution rate is likely to cause your pump to fail over time.

It is advised that you not add ANY solid particle to your formulation.  Airless foamers contain a microfine mesh that can easily get clogged.  Solid particles may clump together, causing the foamer to fail.  Micas, glitters, powdered pigments, etc. should not be added to any formula.  Choose liquid dye approved for cosmetic use, as these do not contain any solid particles that can clog the mesh.

Usage and Care

When filling your Airless foamer, be careful not to overfill the bottle.  Foamers are designed to leave a significant amount of air at the top of the bottle.  This air pocket is purposely designed to prevent liquid from getting into the air chamber.  Be sure to measure your product to the specified container volume before pouring it into your foamer bottle.  Your product should not fill the container.

Foamers should not be placed under running water.  Use in the shower is not recommended.  Submerging your foamer in water may allow water to seep into the neck and enter the air chamber, causing your pump to fail.

If the pump is not used frequently, liquid soap may create a film on the mesh, which may cause your pump to become difficult to use.


My pump goes down but does not come back up…

Is the soap too thick?

Be sure your soap is a water-like consistency.  Increase your dilution ratio.

Has liquid entered the air chamber?

Turn your pump upside down several times to remove the water from the air chamber.  You may also take the pump assembly apart, clean it completely, dry thoroughly and reassemble.

Has liquid been in the chamber for an extended time?

Attempt to clean as specified above.  Keep in mind, if the liquid has been in the chamber for an extended time, the pump may be degraded and will not be able to regain functionality.

Is the mesh clogged?

Empty the foamer bottle and flush the pump with warm water.

Sanitizing Liquid Soap Recipe

foaming-soapThis fresh-smelling eucalyptus, lemon, lavender liquid soap blend will eliminate unpleasant odours and get your hands perfectly clean without the use of harsh chemicals like triclosan.

245 ml Liquid Castile Soap Base

5 ml Tocopherol T-50 (Natural Vitamin E)

10 drops Eucalyptus Lemon Essential Oil

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil 40/42

To use in a traditional pump or flip-top bottle: 

Combine ingredients in bottle, seal and agitate thoroughly to combine.

To use in an airless foamer:

After combining ingredients, dilute with water in a 1:3-6 ratio, until the liquid is thin and watery.  Agitate to combine all ingredients thoroughly.  Measure the amount specified by your bottle supplier, then pour into your foamer bottle and seal.

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