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Essential Oils Perfume

Sensual & Spicy Perfume Blend

Sensual & Spicy DIY Perfume Blend | @saffireblueIt’s fun and easy to create your own signature scent using essential oils and perfumery alcohol!  Most commercial perfumes today are made from a combination of synthetic chemicals which may be derived from petroleum.  These synthetic ingredients may include chemicals such as benzene derivatives, aldehydes, phthalates, and many other known toxins that are capable of causing cancer, birth defects, nervous-system disorders and allergies.  Natural perfume blending is a healthy, environmentally friendly alternative to such harsh chemical toxins. 

We’ve provided the measurements for a traditional 20{2f217b6ef4e944ec449aa2c625e1f0e1f43c0ee840d0a16b8bf46c3ef1173473} essential oil perfume blend as well as an option for a less intense eau de toilette or cologne splash, so you can choose based on your desired scent strength.

With base notes of sensual sandalwood and patchouli, middle notes of ylang ylang and top notes of sweet orange, this blend is sure to become one of your favourites!



22 ml Perfumery Alcohol

2 ml Orange Blossom Distillate Water

4.2 ml Sandalwood Essential Oil – Nature Identical (approx 85 drops)

0.7 ml Orange Sweet Essential Oil (approx 14 drops)

0.5 ml Patchouli Essential Oil (approx 11 drops)

0.5 ml Ylang Ylang 3 Essential Oil (approx 11 drops)

Amber Glass Bottle – 1 oz

Glass Dropper 1 oz 20-400

Eau de Toilette:

25 ml Perfumery Alcohol

3 ml Orange Blossom Distillate Water

3 ml Sandalwood Essential Oil – Nature Identical (approx 60 drops)

0.5 ml Orange Sweet Essential Oil (approx 10 drops)

0.4 ml Patchouli Essential Oil (approx 8 drops)

0.4 ml Ylang Ylang 3 Essential Oil (approx 8 drops)

Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle – 2 oz / 60 ml

Glass Dropper 2 oz 20-400

Cologne Splash:

181 ml Perfumery Alcohol

45 ml Orange Blossom Distillate Water

0.8 ml Sandalwood Essential Oil – Nature Identical (approx 15 drops)

0.1 ml Orange Sweet Essential Oil (approx 3 drops)

0.1 ml Patchouli Essential Oil (approx 3 drops)

0.1 ml Ylang Ylang 3 Essential Oil (approx 3 drops)

Amber PET Cosmo Round Bottle – 8 oz

Black Fine Mist Sprayer with 7″ Dip Tube 24-410


  1. Pour perfumery alcohol into a glass bowl. Add essential oils one drop at a time into the alcohol, stirring slowly after each addition. (Make sure that you stir slowly, but long enough to completely disperse the oils in the alcohol.)
  2. Allow the blend of oils and alcohol to stand undisturbed for 48 hours.
  3. Add the distillate water. Stir slowly until it is completely dispersed.
  4. Place the mixture in a cool, dark place where it won’t be disturbed for at least three weeks. This will allow the perfume to mature.  Let your blend age. The longer the better!
  5. Filter the resulting pure perfume through a coffee filter to remove any sediment that may have formed.
  6. Bottle your perfume in sterilized, dark bottles with a glass dropper, fine mister or roll on top.

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