Lip Balm & Gloss

Smoochable Jasmine Lip Balm Recipe


1 oz Beeswax
1 oz Jasmine Wax
1 drop Jojoba Oil
2 oz Camellia Oil
2 oz Rose Hip Oil
1 Tbsp Alkanet Infused Olive Oil
10 Drops Rose Absolute or Rose Otto

Measurements by Weight not Volume


  • First, make the alkanet root infused olive oil. To do this, infuse a handful of alkanet root in 16 ounces of warmed olive oil for about 20 minutes as you would any other herb (like calendula). Strain out the plant material and use the coloured oil. Use what is called for in this recipe and save the rest for others!
  • Combine all ingredients except essential oil/absolute in the Pyrex measuring cup and place in the hot water bath to melt. Stir well to combine. Add essential oil/absolute and stir to incorporate.
  • Place a bit of product onto a coffee stir stick or pop sickle stick. Put the stick in the fridge for a few minutes and take it out to observe the probable texture of the mix. If it’s too hard, add more liquid oils. If it’s too soft, add more beeswax and/or jasmine wax. Adjust to your preference.
  • Once the desired texture is obtained, pour into lip balm tubes or pots. Allow cooling before using.


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