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Tahitian Neroli Cream Recipe


Measurements by Weight not Volume

0.1 oz Citric Acid
0.3 oz Stearic Acid
0.3 oz Emulsifying Wax
0.4 oz Coconut Oil
0.9 oz Monoi de Tahiti
0.4 oz Aloe Vera Juice
8.0 oz Neroli Hydrosol


  1. Gently warm the hydrosol and dissolve the citric acid in it. Stir to completely dissolve the citric acid and set aside.
  2. Place the remaining ingredients in large heat proof (like Pyrex) glass measuring cup with a pour spout. Place the mixture in a hot water bath until the stearic acid is completely melted. Remove from heat. Cool until the outside of the container is just warm to the touch.
  3. Slowly pour the warm hydrosol into the wax and oils while blending with a stick blender. Beat until the cream begins to get thick. Pour into a clean jar. This may seem more of a lotion than a cream at first, but as it cools it will thicken up.

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