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Tips and Tricks for Making Beautiful Melt & Pour Soap

  1. Keep Everything Clean (hands, containers for melting, tools for stirring): You are working with very basic and natural products, and unlike soap at the grocery store these ingredients are not loaded with chemicals and preservatives.
  2. Don’t Overheat The Soap: The Soap Bases may be melted in a clean heat-resistant container in the microwave covered in plastic wrap for short bursts 40–55 seconds at a time then stirred ‘til completely melted. Overheating soap can cause some soaps to yellow or even feel grainy (from crystallization).
  3. Melt Only As Much Soap As Needed: Melt only as much in one container as you want coloured and scented the same. So if you want three bars of soap but all a different colour or scent then use three containers. If you want one scent but three shades of blue you may use one container and just add more pigment after the first soap is poured.
  4. SPF= Soap, Pigment, Fragrance: That is the order you’ll add your ingredients. Melt your soap, add the pigment then when the soap is still liquid but you can hold your pinkie finger tip in it without getting burned then you add your Fragrance or Essential Oil.
  5. Think About Colour Before You Melt: You have two kinds of soap in your kit, one is Opaque (Shea Butter Soap) the other is Clear (Shaving Soap). Opaque soap will make many beautiful shades of pastel but if you want a dark colour like black, deep red or midnight blue use the clear soap. For example, the amount of red pigment required to turn opaque soap blood red would be enormous and you will end up with a soap that gives off a blood red lather (and though it will not stain it’s a waste of pigment or a bad joke for Halloween).
  6. Soap May Be Reheated: If you melted, coloured and scented too much red rose soap, don’t worry. Cover it, set it aside and re-melt it when you need to colour a wagon red or add more soap & fragrance at a later date when you want to make more red rose soap. Just keep it tightly covered in plastic wrap
  7. Layering Soap: Every single time you pour warm soap over cold soap if you want the two layers to adhere and not fall apart spray the cold surface with rubbing alcohol. If you forget this step your layers WILL fall apart. 🙁
  8. It’s Only Soap: If it spills you’ve lost a little soap. If you don’t like the look of it save it for the dog’s next bath or re-melt it.
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