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What are Some Beneficial Uses of Bentonite Clay?

If you’re on the hunt for an inexpensive and natural way to cleanse and boost your body’s well-being Saffire Blue offers the best Bentonite Clay you can buy. This clay’s age-old healing effects provide benefits from head to toe.

Bentonite Clay – The Healing Clay

Clays have been used in different African and Asian cultures for centuries because of their amazing restorative and healing properties. In the past few years, however, bentonite clay has rapidly been gaining mainstream popularity, and for great reason.

Bentonite clay also referred to as Montmorillonite clay, is a very fine, grey-cream clay that is composed of volcanic ash. Its name derives from Fort Benton in Wyoming, which is the location of the largest known natural source of this clay. It is cost-effective, costing far less than many modern-day medicines while reaping the same results. Due to this, as well as, to bentonite clays’ abundance and the fact that it does not have to go through major processing to be harvested and used, it has now become one of the most popular natural ways of healing and detoxification.

Bentonite clay includes a high concentration of minerals such as silica, magnesium, sodium, iron, calcium and potassium. These micro-nutrients are important to the body’s health and may be hard to come by in one’s everyday diet, hence bentonite clay is often taken orally as a type of mineral supplement, as it is absorbed similarly to how supplements are absorbed by the body.

How Bentonite Clay Does Its’ Job?

Bentonite clay’s most amazing ability rests in its power to draw out toxins due to its negative charge. When the clay meets water, these negative electrons begin to react and attract positively charged ions in the impurities, chemicals, heavy metals such as lead and mercury and other toxins that may be present, removing them from the body.

As healthy as we may think we are, we all have toxins within our bodies. Toxins can come from the most unlikely of sources including unfiltered water, air and even the foods we eat. Over time these toxins build up inside of us and if left there, they can cause serious illness to the body’s systems. Similar to how a sponge works, the clay soaks up all of these toxins and holds them within itself. Once the toxins have been drawn into the bentonite clay whether it is inside the body, on the skin or the hair, they are bound there until they are removed by rinsing off the clay. As this clay can be taken internally, it provides healing only to the skin, but the gut, blood and other systems.

Simply put, bentonite clay’s health benefits are marvellous whether it is taken internally (by drinking or eating it) or applied externally on skin or hair, due to its cleansing and healing nature. It is used in commercially prepared face masks, mud washes and even poultices, but when used in its natural form, this clay works just as well or even better for a myriad of health-related issues. Here are some of the absolute best benefits of using bentonite clay in/on your body.

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How Does Bentonite Clay Heal Skin Conditions?

When it is mixed with water to create a clay mask for the face or other parts of the body, bentonite clay draws out the toxins living on or beneath the skin’s surface. This helps to alleviate many skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and even psoriasis. It helps with redness, irritation and break-outs, and can even assist in soothing any irritating reactions from the use of a lotion, face wash or soap that one may be allergic to. Because of its antibiotic properties as well, bentonite clay can be used to aid in the healing of wounds or skin infections even where modern medicines may have failed.

Create a Detoxifying Bath with Bentonite Clay.

To create a soothing bath that detoxifies your skin and body at the same time, you can add some bentonite clay to your bath water and soak in the liquid. Just as with face masks, the clay draws out the impurities and toxins from your skin, leaving you looking and feeling healthier, smoother and refreshed.

Bentonite Clay Allows the Body to Receive More Oxygen.

Bentonite clay can remove excess hydrogen from the body’s cells, leaving them with more room to take in oxygen, which they need to function well.

With more oxygen entering the cells, energy levels increase and your body’s ability to repair itself (whether from illness or strenuous exercise) can be improved.

How Does Bentonite Clay alkalize the body?

Many of the foods that we all eat today are acidic and disrupt our body’s natural internal pH. A good pH balance is essential to good digestion.  When the body’s internal environment is too acidic, it is much more difficult for the stomach to break down and begin to digest food. Alkaline foods are necessary to make the digestion process go smoothly.

For this reason, the body needs the alkalizing minerals which are found in bentonite clay. These minerals, when ingested via the clay, can help to establish a balance between the body’s alkalinity and acidity by increasing the alkalinity of our blood, saliva and urine.

How Does Bentonite Clay Boost Probiotics?

Probiotics refer to the ‘good bacteria’ which reside in the gut. A healthy gut is not only integral to good digestion but overall body health as it can affect various other health aspects. A healthy gut also helps us to absorb nutrients well, increases our disease immunity and can improve brain function and mental alertness. Because of bentonite clay’s ability to draw out toxins from our body, it helps to decrease the amount of ‘bad bacteria’ in our gut that may be causing our health issues or digestion problems, and increases the amount of ‘good bacteria.’

Bentonite clay can also draw out a particular type of toxins called ‘aflatoxins,’ which can cause liver damage and even some cancers. Aflatoxins are found in some very common foods in the everyday diet, such as peanuts and various grains. Due to bentonite clay’s negative charge, it can survive amongst the gut’s acidic environment long enough to draw out these toxins and remove them.

How Do Bentonite Clay Alleviate Digestive Problems Such as Bloating, Constipation, Nausea and IBS?

Because of the aforementioned ability to destroy toxins and bad bacteria in the gut, bentonite clay can play a major part in alleviating various digestive problems. Pregnant women often use it to help to relieve their morning sickness and nausea.

Research has shown that bentonite clay can draw out and remove rotavirus and coronavirus toxins from the gut of young mammals. Rotavirus toxins are a major cause of various gastrointestinal and digestive issues in babies and toddlers, such as diarrhea and nausea.

Bentonite clay can even be used to alleviate these types of issues in your pets. It is 100 safe as well as effective for them in cases of vomiting, diarrhea or nausea. Just like with humans, bentonite clay can be mixed in with your pet’s water until it dissolves. ¼ cup of clay is enough – your pet shouldn’t fuss about drinking it, as bentonite clay does not have any flavour or odour, and their vomiting or diarrhea should be relieved in a short period.

How Does Bentonite Clay Improve the Bodys’ Ability to Fight Disease?

Research shows that bentonite clay’s minerals possess antibacterial properties that could be a cost-effective alternative treatment and protection against many bacterial and viral infections.

The clay not only succeeds in destroying these harmful bacteria and viruses, but it also gives our immune system a major boost by keeping the gut wall strong and uncompromised. A considerable amount of the immune system lives within the gut, and when the gut wall is weakened, the toxins that may be present in the gut are much more able to get into the bloodstream, from where they can cause serious health issues and diseases. By making sure that both the gut and the gut wall are strong and protected, bentonite clay makes sure that the body is safer against harmful chemicals, toxins and bacteria.

How Does Bentonite Clay Improve Oral Health (teeth and gums)?

Our mouth is one of the first places that toxins have a chance to attack, as well as being the passageway to the rest of our internal system. Aside from alkalizing the saliva in the mouth, bentonite clay also removes harmful bacteria and toxins in the mouth, and around the teeth, tongue and gums. By removing these toxins, you are then less likely to swallow these toxins and possibly become ill.

Bentonite clay’s drawing out of impurities also makes it a great choice for natural toothpaste, as it is not only able to draw out toxins and bacteria from the mouth but abrasive enough to remove plaque. It also helps to whiten teeth, and many people worldwide use it as natural toothpaste along with activated charcoal or even mixed into their commercial toothpaste. Bentonite clay can also simply be mixed with water and used as a rinse daily or twice daily, to ensure that the mouth is as safe from impurities, bacteria and toxins as it can be.

How Does Bentonite Clay assist in water purification?

Bentonite clay has been proven to be effective in removing some of the fluorides that are often found in our everyday drinking water. When it is combined with magnesium, bentonite clay has been demonstrated to improve the purity of tap water. This makes it an extremely plausible possibility for being used in the future as a global, low-cost, effective water purifying method.

Use Bentonite Clay as a Natural Alternative to Baby Powder

In place of commercial baby powder, bentonite clay is great for soothing babies’ skin. It can be applied like traditional powders to any red, irritated areas of skin, and is safe to use. It is just as gentle and healing on the skin of babies as it is on the skin of adults.

The clay can be applied directly to the skin, and after allowing it to sit for several minutes, it can be wiped or rinsed off. Unlike traditional powders, it isn’t recommended to be left on the skin.

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Use Bentonite Clay to Naturally Cleanse, Soothe and Define Your Hair and Scalp

Bentonite clay has become extremely popular in the world of organic hair care. Many different hair types use this clay to clean their hair without the use of harsh shampoos or chemicals. Bentonite clay cleans well without stripping hair of its natural oils and detoxifies and soothes the scalp to destroy toxins, dandruff and dry scalp, providing an optimal environment for hair growth. It also conditions the hair to a certain extent, softening it and sometimes eliminating the need for commercial conditioners that may irritate the scalp. When used in textured hair, the clay also clumps and hydrates and defines waves, curls and kinks, making them respond better to styling, reducing frizz and promoting growth.

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