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Whipped Body Frosting or Lip Frosting Recipe

This recipe makes a great Lip Frosting by simply omitting the fragrance oil and substituting flavour oil.


8 oz Virgin Coconut Oil
4.5 oz Kokum Butter
2 oz Unrefined Shea butter
5 oz E-wax
32 oz Distilled Water
0.5 oz of Preservative
0.7-1 oz of Fragrance depending on strength

Measurements by Weight not Volume

  • Melt first 4 ingredients. Pour this mixture into a Kitchen aid bowl and turn on mixer
  • Warm distilled water and slowly add to oils.
  • Whip continually on medium speed until cool.
  • Add preservative and fragrance and whip until incorporated.
  • Scrape sides of bowl and whip again.
  • Transfer to container of choice.

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