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Activated Charcoal – Hardwood

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This natural soap colourant will give your soap a beautiful deep black colour that contrasts well with other colours and looks stunning when using for swirling. Activated Charcoal powder is very cleansing and good for troubled and sensitive skin.


  • Use 1 Tablespoon charcoal powder per Kilo of oils
  • Add at trace and be sure to mix well
  • Cups Per Pound: 5
  • Origin: USA
  • Processing: Powder



Ce colorant de savon naturel donnera à votre savon une belle couleur noire profonde qui contraste bien avec d’autres couleurs et semble renversante lors de l’utilisation pour le tourbillonnement. La poudre de charbon activée est très nettoyante et bonne pour les peaux troubles et sensibles.


  • Utilisez 1 cuillère à soupe de poudre de charbon de bois par kilo d’huiles
  • Ajouter à la trace et assurez-vous de bien mélanger
  • Coupes par livre: 5
  • Origine: Etats-Unis
  • Traitement: Poudre

21 reviews for Activated Charcoal – Hardwood

  1. Missina

    I use this for teeth whitening and appreciate the option to buy it in bulk rather than capsules!

  2. Mary

    This makes a great additional to CP soaps. The colour makes anywhere from a rich grey to a dark black depending on the quantity used. Price is great! Good for mascara!

  3. claire

    This is the only canadian supplier Ive found that carries this! Very excited

  4. Alicia

    Love the activated charcoal. Makes a beautiful grey and black in my soaps! Wish it came packaged a little better though.

  5. Guy

    This makes a wonderful and beautiful swirled soap.

  6. Jamie

    75 grams is WAY more than I though t it was going to be volume wise. This is an excellent value and will last me quite a while.

  7. Jordan

    I haven’t used it much yet but it seems to be of a good quality, I will likely continue to order it here.

  8. Marlene

    This product is absolutely awesome! I used it in cold process soap as an additive for acne/problem skin. It takes very little and it goes a long way! It produces a rich luxurious black colour and blends perfectly smooth. I will definitely buy this product again in the future from Saffire Blue.

  9. Janit

    Ordered this for the first time, and a little really does go a long way, the size was definitely more than what i expected. I will be back for more. Love this products in my CP as i was able to really experiment.

  10. Guy

    When I make anise soap, I use activated charcoal. It makes such a nice black soap.

  11. Cara

    I bought this product for 2 reasons.
    1. Teeth Whitening
    2. Soap making

    While the soap isn’t ready to use yet, it looks really cool. Black soap that bubbles white! Who knew!
    As for the teeth whitening, I notice a difference already. Worth a try and much cheaper than the store bought kind.

  12. acacia

    best thinf ive ever bought for myself. this is my 3rd purchase and it lasts forever. i have ezcema and family members have psoriesis and our skin has never done so well. i make a bunch of soaps with this now

  13. Aly

    We use Activated Charcoal on our cold processed soaps. It nourishes the skin and gives a rich, dark colour. Definitely one of our best selling soaps!! It is packaged in a bag – wish it was packaged in a container for easier storage/less mess.

  14. Mackenzie

    I bought this on a whim, but it’s fantastic. It’s easy to put in your soap and anyone I have given one to loves the black colour. It’s great for pulling impurities out of the skin.

  15. Dina

    I was very impressed on how much AC I got in the 75mg pack. Great quality. Love it in my soap, facial masks, use it to whiten teeth, the uses are endless. WIll order a larger bag next time as I really love this product.

  16. Wendy

    Excellent fine powder. Really useful to take stains out of teeth, and when used in facial masks, it leaves the skin silky smooth. Thank you once again SaffBlue!

  17. Sherry

    This product works well for my cold process soap to both color and ace as a skin detoxifier, I will use it often. Thanks

  18. Victoria

    love using this for a natural black as well as in my acne soaps. works great!

  19. RUCHY

    Excellent price! Packaging is very convenient. Look forward to using the charcoal in my products. Will be using it in tooth powder, masks and a creme deodorant.

  20. Kristen

    I’ll start off with a positive note – The price is great and I use it for multiple things including toothpaste and soap. BUT I was disappointed by how it was packaged. It seemed to be too full and under pressure because when I opened the container it literally exploded all over my kitchen. And lets just say it is impossible to clean up.. I used a whole roll of paper towel and everything is still covered in a layer of soot. Also I read somewhere that activated charcoal can’t come in contact with metal…It had a metal seal on the container. So I will buy again but hopefully I don’t have another explosion.

  21. Catherine

    Product is good quality and works well in soap. However the first time I ordered it in 2016, it was packaged in a plastic tube, which was convenient, and is likely what others are referring to as “convenient packaging”. The latest shipment (Feb 2017) of the same size was in a flimsy clear bag that was leaking onto all my other products in the order. I understand the need to cut down on costs, but the product should arrive in tack. Other suppliers who ship in bags, double-bag into a zip-lock, or double-bag and secure better with tape. It’s not pretty, but it’s better than leaking product.

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