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Aloe Vera Gel – Thickened

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Did you know? 💡   When shopping for Aloe, it is important to note the concentration of Aloe in the product.  Ours is 95.1% -98.27%.  A lot of Aloe on the market has water listed as the first ingredient which is not a quality product.

A frequent question we get asked is weight vs volume for Aloe Gel:

  • 500 ml is approximately 438 grams
  • 1 L is approximately 982 grams
  • 4 L is approximately 4 kg
  • 20 L is the 18 kg pail

INCI Name:  Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (and) Acrylates/C-10 Alkyl Acrylates Crosspolymer

Aloe Barbadensis is a natural product and therefore the colour may vary per season.  The quality of the product is not affected by the colour.

Shelf life – 2 years

Recommended use levels:

Body Glitter Gel: 98-100%
Hair Care: 1-100%
Lotion & Creams: 1-100%
Skin Soothing Agent: 100%

Typical Applications:

  • Sun Care and After Sun Care
  • Hand & Body Lotions and Gels
  • Skin Cleansers
  • Facial Moisturizers
  • Shaving Preparations
  • Styling Gels
  • Skin Moisturizing Gels


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14 reviews for Aloe Vera Gel – Thickened

  1. Christine

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this product! This is the main ingredient in my homemade lotion/gel/cream and is the only thing that I will put on my skin, and is perfect for my facial skin. I have extremely sensitive skin that will clog or break out with most commercial products, even the natural ones.

    I love how it is quite \’jelly\’ or stiff, and when you rub the gel into your skin the polymer doesn\’t ball up and fall off. That way you can use whatever additives you want without the fear of it changing the texture of your final product.


  2. Judy

    really thick and reasonable price with very fast shipping ty

  3. Bernice

    Great product, great value. It’s such a versatile product and the quality is great.

  4. Rhonda

    Love it. Use it in my scrubs and love how thick it is.

  5. Brenda

    this aloe vera gel is going to be so perfect for what I want to use it for

  6. Shawn

    I wanted to purchase the Aloe Vera Gel as a suspending base for my Jojoba Beads to use as an exfoliant, but wasn’t sure if it would be thick enough. I emailed Saffire Blue to find out if it would work and received an answer within 30 minutes. The Aloe Vera Gel works perfectly with the beads and feels so good when massaging it into my face. A perfect product!

  7. Shannon

    Great product! Works great for my all natural hand sanitizer.

  8. Sandra

    I absolutely love this aloe vera gel, it’s nice and thick and does a wonderful job in my moisturizer.

  9. Sarah

    Added to CP soaps, and works great. Maybe only 1 Tbsp but gives it a nice fresh clean feel and scent

  10. pat

    This gel has been wonderful this summer for after sun/swim and very soothing for cuts, burns and even bruises. Thanks SB Pat

  11. Danielle

    Great for all types of burns also great in my CP soap

  12. Nadia

    I have a hard time finding the thick gel like this and really love this. I add this to my shower gels and clay masks and my clients love it!

  13. Sandra

    It’s the best aloe vera gel I’ve ever used. Makes the best moisturizer. love it.

  14. smilesfullofsunshine (verified owner)

    I used it as is. My skin is so soft after applying it. I’m definitely buying more when I’m out.

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