• Amber Glass Bottle – 2 oz

Amber Glass Bottle – 2 oz

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2 oz Amber round made of amber coloured glass. Characteristic of the round are the rounded shoulders and base. The amber colour lends this bottle a cosmetic, pharmaceutical or medicinal quality as well as provides limited protection to light-sensitive products.


  • Colour: Amber
  • Size: 2 oz
  • Material: Glass
  • Case Pack: 240
  • Neck size: 20-400
  • Height: 3.678″
  • Diameter: 1.533″
  • Temperature Tolerances:  -100° F to 300°+ F
  • Clarity: High
  • Chemical Resistance: High
  • Impact Resistance:  Low
  • Rigidity:  High
  • Scratch Resistance:  High
  • Food Contact Acceptable:  Yes
  • Recyclable Material:  Yes

2 oz Ambre rond en verre de couleur ambre. Caractéristiques de la ronde sont les épaules arrondies et la base. La couleur ambrée confère à cette bouteille une qualité cosmétique, pharmaceutique ou médicinale et offre une protection limitée aux produits sensibles à la lumière.


  • Couleur: Ambre
  • Taille: 2oz
  • Matériel: Verre
  • Dossier: 240
  • Taille du cou: 20-400
  • Hauteur: 3.678″
  • Diamètre: 1.533″


  • Tolérances à la température : -100 degrés F à 300 degrés F
  • Clarté: Élevé
  • Résistance chimique: Élevé
  • Résistance à l’impact : faible
  • Rigidité: Élevé
  • Résistance à la rayure: Élevé
  • Contact alimentaire Acceptable: Oui
  • Matériaux recyclables: Oui
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12 reviews for Amber Glass Bottle – 2 oz

  1. Carole

    I received my order very quickly and very well packaged. The Amber Glass Bottles were the perfect size and I will be placing all my future orders for glass bottles, packaging etc. from Saffire Blue. In the past I purchased from Specialty Bottle in the US because I was not aware of this company. The pricing was comparable however, shipping was much less and there wasn’t any exchange or duty making this purchase much more reasonably priced. Thank you very much.

  2. eric

    Perfect bottle for storing smaller quantities of e-juice for my e-cigarette.

  3. Tyson

    Great size AWESOME QUALITY!! couldnt be happier.
    the droppers fit great and are very stylish

  4. Tyson

    Great size AWESOME QUALITY!! couldnt be happier.
    the droppers fit great and are very stylish

  5. Tyson

    thick glass awesome style and well made fast shipping great prices great everything

  6. Tyson

    Great size , perfect thick glass , although i had two broken bottles but thats cuz the delivery guy dropped my package- they packaged it very well but sometimes accidents happen. 5 stars although 4 for me cuz my local post office broke some of my items.- the box on one corner was dented

  7. Shawn

    I am happy with my order. It was the first time to order products like this bottle. All arrived in good condition and I am hoping to order other sizes soon. Quick and easy to order. Initially I called in and was told that if I had concerns about the sizing of the bottle dropper— that I picked the correct one I should put that in the comments. Nice to know that there is an opportunity for correction of an order.

  8. Philippe

    Sturdy bottles made of thick dark glass that will protect its contents from light damage. They also look great, a classic style!

  9. Shannon

    Nice size for men’s products. Not too much nor too little, and easy handling (not bulky). Look is masculine. Closure options appropriate.

  10. Shannon

    K, I’m really loving this bottle. Nice size for handling. Easy to grip. Not awkward. Like the more rounded look for our men’s line. Great size in terms of volume for a natural product where you don’t want it spoiling before you can use it all!

  11. Bev

    These bottles are perfect for so many things. Lid closures fit perfect too. Thanks! 🙂

  12. Dana

    These bottles and the dropper lids are perfect for my medicinal tinctures. Keeps the product longer and allows for easy dispensing. Thank you Saffire Blue!

    Spirit of the Boreal Botanicals

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