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Black Disc Top Lid 24-410

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A black PP 24-410 smooth skirt unlined disc top cap. Disc top caps are made of two pieces: the skirt and the disc. To dispense product, you press on one side of the disc, causing the opposite to snap up. You can then reverse the process to store product. This closure is commonly used for dispensing shampoo, lotion, conditioners, creams, and other personal care products.

  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 24-410
  • Material: PP
  • Liner Type: No Liner
  • Height: 1.063″
  • Diameter: 1.031″

  • Couleur: Noir
  • Taille: 24-410
  • MatΓ©riel: PP
  • Type de doublure: Pas de doublure
  • Hauteur: 1.063″
  • DiamΓ¨tre: 1.031″


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7 reviews for Black Disc Top Lid 24-410

  1. Andrea

    Saffire Blue has great prices. These lids fit well with the 2oz. aluminium bottle.

  2. Desiree

    nice classic bottle cap. looks classy and liquids dont leak.

  3. Catherine

    Great quality and great price, more affordable than a pump and keeps my lotion prices reasonable.

  4. Patricia

    You can never have enough disc lid. Cheaper price than the competition. Thanks SB!

  5. Shannon

    I’m obsessed with these lids, they are so perfect for shampoos and body washes!

  6. Judith

    Love these. They stay closes very well, no need to worry about messes. πŸ™‚

  7. Amy

    These closures work well and don’t seem to leak any of the product. Easy to open as well.

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