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    Black Lid w/ Inverted Dropper Tip 18-400


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    This 18-400 black lid specifically designed for small glass bottles. When the cap is fully screwed down it forces a natural coloured plastic orifice reducer and inverted dropper tip into the opening of the bottle. When the cap is unscrewed the insert remains inside the bottle opening.  This lid has a tamper evident ring.


    2 reviews for Black Lid w/ Inverted Dropper Tip 18-400

    1. Krystal

      An excellent lid for the 5 mL amber glass bottle. It doesn’t leak, makes counting drops easy and no over pouring!The tamper seal is also quick and easy and one less step to do before it’s customer-ready!

    2. Tara

      not really a fan of these. I bought them to top off little amber bottles I used to make a serum and it’s really hard for the serum to come out.

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