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The HTP wick is flat braided in design, but with thin paper fibers intertwined. The result is a cleaner burning, self-trimming wick with additional structural strength, controlled curling, and a hotter, more efficient flame. A 6mm neck on standard clip means your wick will extinguish before your glassware gets too hot at the end of your candle’s burn. High-Melt wax coating on wick. This wick specially designed for natural waxes.


La mèche HTP est plate tressée dans la conception, mais avec des fibres de papier minces entrelacés. Le résultat est une mèche plus propre de combustion, auto-trimming avec la force structurale supplémentaire, le curling contrôlé, et une flamme plus chaude et plus efficace. Un cou de 6 mm sur clip standard signifie que votre mèche s’éteindra avant que votre verrerie devient trop chaud à la fin de la brûlure de votre bougie. Revêtement de cire à haute fusion sur mèche. Cette mèche spécialement conçue pour les cires naturelles.

4 reviews for Candle Wicks

  1. Mistelle

    These work perfectly. I have made many candles with these wicks with no issues at all.

  2. Shannon

    Great prices and wicks for candles – burns well and evenly. Perfect length too!

  3. Deb

    Exactly what I needed to start making my own candles.

  4. Shannon

    Good quality. I used them in making beeswax candles. They burnt really well and i will be buying them again.

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