• Citric Acid

Citric Acid

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Citric Acid is used to make bath bombs and add sparkle to bath salts. Citric acid is also used to adjust the pH in cosmetics. Citric acid helps in the removal of dead skin so used for home masks.   Saffire Blue’s citric acid is anhydrous.

This product is non-GMO.

INCI : Citric Acid


L’acide citrique est utilisé pour fabriquer des bombes de bain et ajouter de l’éclat aux sels de bain. L’acide citrique est également utilisé pour ajuster le pH dans les cosmétiques. L’acide citrique de Saffire Blue est anhydre.

Ce produit n’est pas OGM.

Nomenclature INCI: Acide citrique


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57 reviews for Citric Acid

  1. Robin

    I was blown away by the new packaging… Pro are it will keep it fresher longer, it’s easy to open and close and it takes less room to store… considering my office if fairly small that’s a true bonus.. Cons .. I just bought two pail openers!!! 😉
    As usual.. awesome job

  2. Alex

    Great quality for such a low price. Very easy to work with. I love the resealable bag, takes up way less room to store than a jar.

  3. Stephanie

    Fantastic product at an even more fantastic price.

  4. Stephanie

    Super packaging! Keeps it nice and fresh! Will buy again!

  5. Tuan

    Bought it to make bath bombs. Works as expected. Would buy again.

  6. Debbie

    Best price you’ll ever find. I buy large quantities, and Saffire Blue’s price by far is the best. The product always arrives the next day. Unbelievable service.

  7. Kyla

    Fantastic price. Good product. Perfect grain size for bath bombs.

  8. Glenda

    Great product for my bath bombs and love the re-sealable packaging!

  9. Kristen

    It’s great – just what I was looking for and it got here fast! Thanks!

  10. Emma

    This adds lots of fizz to bath bombs! Works great!

  11. Jocelyne

    Very happy with the product + the cheapest price around!!!

  12. Tina

    Looking to create the ultimate bath bomb/fizzy? I’ve created thousands of bath bombs and nothing quite compares to Saffire Blue’s citric acid. Fresh and no fail every time. It comes in a convenient sealable pouch that allows for easy access and easy clean-up. Definitely two thumbs up!

  13. Amanda

    This product is a amazing perfect for our bath bombs and a great price. So glad we found Saffire Blue, great products and great prices

  14. Stephanie

    I am in Ottawa. It’s is the cheapest price ever! Even with shipping its worth it if you get even a couple more things. Baking soda is a good price too. Might as well buy both here.

  15. Robin

    You have the best price on this hands down… it’s fresh and un-clumped as is the baking soda…
    Good Job
    Many Thanks

  16. Kathryn

    I, again, cannot believe the price. Using this for my bath bombs. Love the value and quality!

  17. tammy

    very happy with this product and the price is the best i have found definitely will be shopping at Saffire Blue for all my bath and body needs.

  18. julie

    best price in town!!!well pack and come with great service.

  19. Heather

    perfect It came in smaller bags and is exactly what we could not find anywhere else Thanks again Heather

  20. Michelle

    Great product & price. This is a must for making bath bombs.

  21. Stephanie

    Best price I’ve seen for a must have product! Great packaging too!

  22. Michelle

    I just can’t get enough of this stuff to make bath bombs. Great price!!

  23. Amanda

    I needed Citric Acid to add to my home made dishwasher detergent. I loved how economical this website sells it for – much better than anything else I priced out in my area. Works great for what I needed it for!

  24. Caroline

    This is now my main place to buy this product.Will do a lots of bomb bath!!

  25. Donna

    Works great in my bath bombs, will continue to buy this product and the price is GREAT too!

  26. Darlene

    wow can’t beat the price good quality. will order again

  27. Jennifer

    By far the best price for Citric Acid online in Ontario! Always fast delivery!

  28. Caroline

    This is perfect for my bomb bath at a fair price!!!

  29. Katherine

    Good product of great quality! Also a easy company to do business with!

  30. Lisa

    Great product! It made my bath bombs fizz like crazy! Great price too!

  31. Sandra

    Using with my daughter to make bath bombs. Great pricing for product.

  32. Frances

    Buying Citric Acid locally is impossible. Not only is this a terrific price, but a Wonderful product. I use it for Bath Bombs & dishwasher detergent tablets. Frantastic!

  33. Jessica

    I was not able to find this around my home town and found this here! So much for so cheap!! When it arrived it was in a heavy duty bag that can zip open and close. The citric acid was clean and no debris in it at all. I will be ordering this from here from now on. 🙂

  34. Virginia

    I like the price of this product. I use it to make bath bombs since they are so expensive to buy from the store.

  35. Sarah

    Great Price, Great Product. works well in bath bombs and not many clumps

  36. James

    My bath bombs are perfect all the time! Great consistency! Very pleased with this product and pricing!

  37. Gail

    Great price, nice product. Even with the shipping it was half of the price I could find locally.

  38. Sandra

    Does a wonderful job for bath bombs and is packaged very well.

  39. Kathie

    I found this citric acid to be very fizzy in my bath bombs and a great price

  40. Kathie

    I found this citric acid to work great in our bath bombs. Really fizzy

  41. Krystal

    Perfect for bath fizzies and other formulaes. Goes great in my face scrub!

  42. andrea

    great price and fast shipping needed it fast andcame within two buiness days

  43. Ashley

    Cheapest I have been able to find it anywhere. It is a great buy for the amount

  44. Kathie

    I love the citric acid from saffire blue. Itakes great fizz for bath bombd

  45. Sarah-Anne

    Just made some bath bombs with this. Worked very well. The packaging is also very handy (mine came in container). I plan to get more

  46. Deborah

    great in my bath bombs and truffles, love the jar packaging, it is so much easier than trying to get it out of a bag

  47. Stephanie

    Very good price! Wonderful consistency and amazingly packaged to fit perfect on my shelves.

  48. Laurie

    Perfect- using this for bath bombs and toilet fizzies

  49. Catherine

    So far I’ve used this product to make homemade cleaning products… it’s so much cheaper and safer than store bought cleaning products!

  50. Brenda

    This product works grew for me. I use it for ba h bombs. It comes in a very sturdy container. It doesn’t have any climbs and pours easily. Great price

  51. Sandy

    As always best price I can find anywhere for this high quality product

  52. Sheena

    Perfect for using in bath bombs. Way better than the coarse citric acid I got off of another website. Great price, I just wish shipping wasn’t so pricy or that free shipping was offered over a certain dollar amount.

  53. Brenda

    Great packaging. Easy to use pour. I should always order more. I seem to use up quickly. Works great. Has a pretty sparkle in bath bombs.Great price

  54. Natasha

    Great quality, price and packaging – can’t ask for more than that!

  55. Alain

    Wonderful product at a great price. I use use almost everywhere in the house instead of vinegar. More efficient and no bad odor. I’m using it in my laudry, dishwasher, removing lime and so on… Very useful!

  56. Jessy

    This product is great. It is very affordable and package nicely. I use it for my bath bombs. Its finely processed and It gives a great reaction when it hits the water. I am very pleased with it. I would recommend it to others to use for sure.

  57. Charline

    This worked great in my bath bombs. I am glad I bought it.

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