• Clear Cosmetic Jar – 2 oz

Clear Cosmetic Jar – 2 oz

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Thick-walled clear jar made of PS. This jar has a thick base, thick sides, and has a durable yet elegant flare. It’s capacity is 2 oz, and it is often used for cosmetic applications like lip balms, lotions and more.

Saffire Blue Inc. now offers a large selection of lids and enclosures for your packaging needs. All lids and enclosures must be purchased separately.


  • Colour: Clear
  • Material – PET
  • Size: 2 oz
  • Neck Finish: 58 – 400
  • Height: 1.3″
  • Diameter: 2.31″
  • Temperature Tolerances:  -40° F to 120° F
  • Clarity: High
  • Chemical Resistance: Good
  • Impact Resistance:  High
  • Rigidity:  Medium
  • Scratch Resistance:  Semi
  • Recyclable Material:  Yes


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