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Cocamide DEA

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Have you been wanting to create your own shampoo or liquid bubble bath or improve the one you already make? Use this with your primary surfactant of choice to improve your bubble factor! A little goes a long way. Maximum Usage rate is 5%. Derived from whole coconut, this ingredient lathers readily and is an excellent and extremely mild skin cleanser. It is a foam booster/stabilizer, viscosity enhancer for liquid detergents and it imparts humectancy. It contains glycerine for added conditioning properties.

INCI:  cocamide diethanolamine

Avez-vous voulu créer votre propre shampooing ou bain moussant liquide ou améliorer celui que vous faites déjà? Utilisez-le avec votre surfactant primaire de choix pour améliorer votre facteur bulle! Un peu va un long chemin. Le taux d’utilisation maximale est de 5 %. Dérivé de noix de coco entière, cet ingrédient mousse facilement et est un excellent nettoyant pour la peau et extrêmement doux. Il s’agit d’un booster de mousse / stabilisateur, exhausteur de viscosité pour les détergents liquides et il donne l’humectancy. Il contient de la glycérine pour les propriétés de conditionnement ajoutée.

INCI: diéthanolamine cocamide

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2 reviews for Cocamide DEA

  1. Michelle

    Love Saffire Blue but…I had this (and many other) items in my cart…Before checkout I did a quick google search of this product (and other surfactants) and found that this one in particular was labeled a carcinogen!!!

    Please SB, bring us products that are 100% safe for use


    Hi Michelle,

    The CIR expert panel has determined Cocoamide DEA is safe at 10% or lower in rinse off products. http://cat.inist.fr/?aModele=afficheN&cpsidt=2545087

    In addition, a 2 year study showed there was no increase in cancer on subject rats who were given DEA, although there was some irritation of the skin. Keep in mind, the tests use very high levels of Cocoamide DEA – not as low as the 4% in a bubble bath.

    Cocoamide DEA is a wonderful surfactant, stabilizer and viscosity enhancer when used at recommended levels.

    As with any ingredient, you must make your own choice to use or not use it based on facts and not myths.



  2. Natasha

    Despite any scares with this product, as SB said in another review, it is safe at 10% or less in leave-in products. I use this for my CurlShoppe Cleansers and have tested with sensitive scalps and seems fine! Will be purchasing again for its many benefits.

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