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Cocoa Butter – Pure, Prime Pressed

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Cocoa Butter may be used in a wide range of cosmetics and toiletries to help reduce dryness and improve skin elasticity. The smooth texture and sweet fragrance of cocoa butter (non-deodorized) make it a popular ingredient in cosmetics and skin care products, such as soaps and lotions. Cocoa Butter Natural has excellent moisturizing abilities and reveals good lubricity on the skin. It melts at skin temperature making it an ideal addition for balms and sticks.


Common Uses of Cocoa Butter Natural

  • Thickening agent in cosmetics
  • Mixed with natural oils
  • Balms, lotions, creams, lipsticks
  • Hard soaps
  • Food

Benefits of Cocoa Butter

  • Softens and protects dry, chapped skin
  • Treats skin irritations
  • Helps erase wrinkles on neck, around eyes and mouth
  • Aids to minimize stretch marks from pregnancy
  • Adds a firming agent to products


  • SAP Value: .137
  • Usage Rate: Lotions & Creams: 3-5%
  • Usage Rate: Balms: 3-5%
  • Usage Rate: Soap: 3-6%
  • Usage Rate: Conditioners: 2-5%


Le beurre de cacao peut être utilisé dans un large éventail de cosmétiques et d’articles de toilette pour aider à réduire la sécheresse et améliorer l’élasticité de la peau. La texture lisse et le parfum sucré du beurre de cacao (non désodorisé) en font un ingrédient populaire dans les cosmétiques et les produits de soins de la peau, tels que les savons et les lotions. Cocoa Butter Natural a d’excellentes capacités hydratantes et révèle une bonne lubrification sur la peau. Il fond à température de la peau, ce qui en fait un ajout idéal pour les baumes et les bâtonnets.


Utilisations courantes du beurre de cacao naturel

  • Agent épaississant dans les cosmétiques
  • Mélangé avec des huiles naturelles
  • Baumes, lotions, crèmes, rouges à lèvres
  • Savons durs
  • Aliments

Avantages du beurre de cacao

  • Adoucit et protège la peau sèche et gercée
  • Traite les irritations de la peau
  • Aide à effacer les rides sur le cou, autour des yeux et de la bouche
  • Aides pour minimiser les vergetures de la grossesse
  • Ajoute un agent de raffermissant aux produits


  • Valeur SAP: .137
  • Taux d’utilisation: Lotions et Crèmes: 3-5%
  • Taux d’utilisation: Baumes: 3-5%
  • Taux d’utilisation: Savon: 3-6%
  • Taux d’utilisation: Conditionneurs: 2-5%
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97 reviews for Cocoa Butter – Pure, Prime Pressed

  1. Louise

    Wonderful product! Works well in CP soaps. Who doesn’t love the smell of chocolate!

  2. Alex

    Love this! Such a great price for great quality!!!

  3. Nadzeya

    Not only that it is a real savior for dry skin – it smells wonderfully. I add some vanilla extract in my lotions and get a real chocolate smell – all natural!


    a delightful scent of cocoa, this is the base ingredient for making lip butters and a creamy addition to cold press soap

  5. Isabelle

    very good product, just what I was looking for to make a good texture to my product.

  6. Colleen

    Mmmm, mmmmmmm, mmmm Smells delish Used it in lip balm and almost didn’t add the flavouring as they smelled so good. I also like how you’ve put in the SAP values, etc below the ingredients That’s so totally helpful!!

  7. Shannon

    This stuff smells amazing. It came in a nice easy to use and reuse package, and feels great on the skin – even before you mix it with anything else!

  8. Aly

    AMAZING prodcut!! Smells LOVELY, and comes in large pieces!! Melts down beautifully.

  9. Wendy

    This cocoa butter smells amazing! I bought it to make lip balm and love it! Will definitely buy again.

  10. Guylaine

    That’s the real stuff. Melt, it turn into a nice oil that you can use straight on your skin and smell like real chocolate. So many use for so many product that I’ll let you try it by yourself: you’ll find it perfect for any project. I’m considering trying to cook with it! 🙂

  11. Kelly

    A nice product but does smell very chocolatey, does fade a little over time.

  12. Patty

    I am new to making body lotion bars and cocoa is one of the ingredients. This cocoa is very easy to work with, it has a very nice fragrance and it’s hard to keep from eating it! I have to make more body bars because everyone loves the cocoa butter!

  13. Cathy

    This butter smelled delicious and was easy to work with. We were happy with the packaging as it was easy to access.

  14. Nathalie

    Smell exactly like first quality dark chocolat. The reusable packaging is also very practical.

  15. tricia

    fantastic product! It smells so good and works in our lip balm recipe perfectly. Thank you.

  16. Danielle

    very nice to work with and smells delicious! Very chocolatey

  17. Rhonda

    I love this product and will definitely be purchasing it again. It has the distinct fragrance that comes with cocoa butter without it feeling heavy. i used this product to make an intensive butter for hands and feet.

  18. Jennifer

    Love the smell of this cocoa butter. Will whip it next time and use it straight!

  19. Sacha

    This smells as good as top quality cocoa butter from a health food store! Used it in cold process soap at 25% and the soap smells like cocoa butter which is what I wanted.

  20. Madeline

    This cocoa butter is simply amazing. Cocoa butter is extremely nourishing for skin and has drastically helped my stretch marks, and saffireblue offers it for an awesome price! The first time I opened the bag up I couldn’t believe how good it smelled, it reminds me of chocolate. It’s rich, nourishing and just overall awesome.

  21. Yasmin

    The smell is divine, just like quality chocolate! I had originally purchased this for use in body butters and soap, but love the smell so much that I’m using it on its own to moisturize my hands and feet instead. Non-greasy and very moisturizing, I can’t recommend this enough.

  22. Mary

    The quantity I received for the price was very fair. The product itself was lovely when melted into soaps and deodorants.

  23. Julia

    cocoa butter smells so good I can eat it… It gives my creams and soaps a yummy chocolatey fragrance.

  24. heather

    Amazing product, smells great and a good price. Will buy again.

  25. Nathalie

    I was very impressed with this product, the quality, texture, and scent is absolutely divine. And the price is perfect.

  26. Nicole

    This butter is fantastic. The smell is rich and delicious and when used in body butters it yields a very emollient and decadent product.

  27. Julie

    J’adore l’odeur de chocolat, juste assez pour être plaisant pour un baume à lèvre.

  28. Josee

    Having never used cocoa butter before, I was pleasantly surprised by how fragrant it was but even more impressed by the silky smoothness it provided the lotion I made.

  29. Nicole

    Smells good enough to eat! I will be sure to order more soon!

  30. Monica

    Works great on its own as a moisturizer or in a lotion. Warm, chocolatey smell. Wonderful rich additive to soap.

  31. matthew

    i just love your cocoa butter in lotions it smells so good i could eat it

  32. Joanne

    Still the best priced cocoa butter around, and it’s one product you don’t want refined – smells soooo chocolately. I use with walnut oil and cocoa absolute (add C.A. at the end during the cooling process, it burns and beads)for a chocolate walnut body butter, walnut oil absorbs great and the cocoa butter is so luxurious on the skin.

  33. Janaia

    Smells divine, I definitely will be ordering again!

  34. Nina

    Amazing value for money and smells delicious. Melts well and makes soap creamy and moisturizing.

  35. Laura

    This butter smells good enough to eat! I made a fantastic lotion bar with it. I will definitely get more of this in my next order.

  36. Jennifer

    This is by far the best cocoa butter I have purchased, it does not become mealy when melted like others I have purchased from other suppliers. It also is the best prices product with fast shipping and Saffire Blue employees are always so helpful

  37. Christine

    I’ve never ordered this before . This is all new to me. But this smells so darn good. I want to bite into it! A chocolate lovers heaven!

  38. Jan

    Beautiful scent, perfect for chocolate peppermint lip balm for that natural chocolate scent.

  39. Windy

    Really great price. I use it in a lot of butters, lotions, creams, etc.

  40. Louise

    Great smell, worked wonders in bath melts, leaves skin smooth and soft

  41. Terrie

    This stuff is incredible. It smells fantastic. Sometimes, I just take a small little chunk out and rub it into my skin. It takes a bit to melt the big chunks so I just chop it up into smaller pieces when I use it in my soap.

  42. julie

    I am new in cp soaping this first time using it, no smell, work well with cp soap,

  43. Jamie

    Seems to be good quality cocoa butter. Smells nice and is easy to work into my body butters. Takes a little while to melt, though, so faster to chop into small pieces or grate first.

  44. Karen

    Great product, very smooth texture and has that distinct yet subtle chocolate smell. When made into a balm it melted easily with no gritty texture to the finished product. Love it!

  45. Dianne

    I love this cocoa butter, it’s nice to know it’s all natural and hasn’t been processed, plus the smell is wonderful. It’s a great base to use for my body butters and hand lotions, very moisturizing and blends well with other butters and oils. I would order this again for sure.

  46. Marlene

    This is wonderful stuff in my soap making! The smell is not over-powering yet adds just a little sweetness to the final products 🙂

  47. Danielle

    Mild cocoa scent, does the job… every time, every recipe

  48. Sandra

    Great cocoa butter to use in cold process soap making. And a wonderful smell

  49. Cindy

    I love using this in Body Butter and CP soaps! It adds a lovely scent to the soaps and body butters. Plus the feel in the body butters is fantastic!

  50. Genie

    Love to use this in my body butters. Great smell too!

  51. Janet

    This cocoa butter is very nice. I used it to make belly butter and now I smell like chocolate. Perfect!

  52. Maureen

    Very pleased with the high quality of the CB considering its price. It is almost $30 cheaper (3 kg) than the supplier I have used for a decade. It’s beautiful, fragrant, lovely.

  53. Leanne

    A great addition to lotions, butters and cold process soap. Smooth and rich. The lovely aroma doesn’t come through in soap, but does come through in lotion. The deodorized butter is also lovely if you prefer not to have the scent, or are using EOs that don’t blend well with it.

  54. Sarah

    Cocoa Butter is expensive, but this is a good price for good quality cocoa butter. I add 5% to my CP soaps and you can tell it has cocoa butter in it

  55. Geneviève

    L’odeur de votre beurre de cacao est juste TROP enivrante. J’en ai acheté ailleurs et je n’en ai trouvé aucun qui sente aussi bon que le vôtre. 🙂 En prime, il est efficace! Un produit chouchou pour moi.

  56. Marlene

    This melts beautifully and works wonderful in cold process soap making. Love the smell of it!

  57. Andree-Anne

    Aucune odeur de chocolat qui vient écraser toutes les autres fragrances. Ce beurre se travaille très bien. Autant dans les bombes de bains que dans les savons. Très bons prix.

  58. James

    This cocoa butter smells just like chocolate and is so moisturizing. It is a perfect addition to give a beautiful chocolate scent to your body butters, hand creams and lipbalm and it is so nourishing for the skin! Really love it!

  59. Cindy

    Love using this Natural Cocoa Butter in CP soaps, salves, lip balms and whipped body butters! It adds a lovely fragrance and texture to anything.

  60. Cindy

    Il sent divinement bon.J’en suis ravi!J’adore la couleur bref il est parfais.

  61. Cindy

    Ce beurre de cacao sent trop bon et son arôme envahi la pièce ou je l’entrepose et croyez-moi je ne plaint pas hmmmm le chocolat.

  62. McKayla

    I love the scent of this! My cupboard smells like chocolate when I open it! Excellent quality! Works wonderfully in the salves and balms I’ve been making!

  63. PAULA

    love love love I order it for all my products.It’s awesome

  64. Tara

    Fantastic quality cocoa butter – the perfect addition to body butter!

  65. Joanne

    Smells like chocolate! Turned out great in my CP soap

  66. Darlene

    love this butter smells just like chocolate works great in my creams and lotions.

  67. Deanna

    It appears to be a good quality cocoa butter. Would have been better shipped in a plastic container, not a plastic bag.

  68. Cynthia

    this butter smells nice, and not too overpowering. the butter melts easily, because it comes in pieces rather a whole block. I love mixing it with Shea butter.

  69. Miranda

    The best price there is for my favourite ingredient in my body butters! It smells so delicious!

  70. Andree-Anne

    Délicieux. ça sent le chocolat dans toute la pièce.

  71. Jennifer

    Have used this in baby products, such a nice easy product to use.

  72. Theresa

    best value for the money! Nice smelling cocoa butter! I love that chocolate smell!

  73. sheree

    We make our cream with this it smells wonderful and leaves your skin soft as a baby’s bottom

  74. Margot

    Love the scent this adds to my lotion bars. Very exotic

  75. Emmanuelle

    Love the smell! I make my own beauty products with cocoa butter base, never have to add any other smell. This one goes a long way on its own. Only down thing, not organic.

  76. Katie

    Love this cocoa butter, it smells fantastic. One of my favorite products.

  77. Katherine

    This is one of the harder oil I’ve worked with and needs to be grated before using (can’t scoop some with my spoon like softer oils such as coconut oil and shea butter). I love the nutty scent!

  78. Cindy

    We use a lot of this in our lotions! It is great for moisturizing and I love the smell! We really love all the products that we purchase from Saffire Blue! As we order a fair amount it would be a wonderful reward to have a $50 gift card as well 🙂

  79. Debra

    A wonderful product that I’ve used in body butter bars and lip balm. How could it not be good when it smells like chocolate? No issues with it being grainy.

  80. Mary

    This is a great product – came exactly as described. Has a rich, chocolate scent. Would recommend cutting/shaving this product prior to melting as it took much longer to melt than the shea butter and coconut oil I was mixing it with.

  81. Laurence

    The colour of this butter is awesome. It is hard yet easy to use. The cocoa smell is incredible : my soaps smells like chocolate cake. Everyone loves it, especially me. I can’t craft without this. Even the taste is good. I will definitively continue to buy this product.

  82. Michelle

    Excellent very fragrant cocoa smell! The texture was a bit grainy but I am hoping that will be taken care of once it melts. Good price.

  83. Svetlana

    Great product. Love the texture of this shea butter. Nice and creamy, not grainy. Melts right in. Thank you for a wonderful product and a great price!

  84. Sarah-Anne

    Great product. I love the smell and it works very well for balms and salves, leaving the skin silky and slightly chocolatey.It came in tiny chunks this time, so easier to melt for me.

  85. Cynthia

    The smell is wonderful and it adds a lovely texture and scent to my creations.

  86. Allison A

    The smell alone is enough to make anyone love this product! The bonus is how wonderfully it fits into special whipped butters, creams, and lotions. Eating small amounts of real chocolate is good for the body (on the inside)–this butter is good for the body on the outside!

  87. Adrian

    Great product. Outstanding quality at an amazing price.
    Will most definitely be back !

  88. Katrina

    Has an amazing scent! Melts well and great in homemade body butters. Will definitely purchase again!

  89. Victoria

    I love this cocoa butter! the smell is just amazing! only giving 4 stars because of the packaging. It comes in a big plastic bag which is very inconvenient for me :/

  90. Catherine

    I used this product in lipbalm and body butter. The smell is amazing! I’m looking forward to using this product in soapmaking.

  91. Margaret

    This cocoa butter is amazing and smells so good!!!! Made a lip balm with this that everyone loves. Will be buying more.

  92. Cassie

    I just recently began experimenting with making my own bath/body products. As soon as I received my order I got started making a few items. I used this cocoa butter to make bath melts and I’m absolutely in love. They turned out wonderfully. Will purchase again!

  93. rebecca

    Smells amazing. Love that it comes in a bag ……..

  94. Virginia

    Great in my lotions and creams. I really like it but personally I am not too partial to the smell. It smells a bit like chocolate but not quite. I’m sure I will get used to it though for how nice and moisturizing it is.

  95. Linda

    I love the Cocoa Butter, this is by far the best place to purchase it. thanks

  96. Valerie

    Amazing natural butter, it has a strong scent of cocoa which is lovely. Easy to melt and so versatile, I use lip balms and all sorts of creams.

  97. Sherri

    The smell is so wonderful and not overpowering. I love sticking my head in the jar and sniffing. While this is more expensive than shea butter, I find it makes my soap loaves firm up faster, and I’m able to cut and stamp them a day earlier.

    One note, I really miss the 3kg size, and wish there was something between 1 and 25kg now.

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