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Coconut Milk Powder

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Create skin soothing soaps, body wraps, creams and lotions with Coconut Milk Powder.

Cold Process Soap Making

Reconstitute 2 oz coconut milk powder in 16 oz hot water and use in place of water when making Cold Process soap. Coconut Milk Powder can be doubled (4 oz) to make it extra creamy and add extra fat. We recommend freezing into a slush first and then adding either to your lye solution or directly to lightly traced soap.

Melt & Pour Soap Making

Measure out 1 tablespoon of powder per pound of soap. Make a thick paste with a small amount of water. Add the mixture to your melted base, and stir to incorporate

Moisturizing Milk Bath & Body Wraps

For a moisturizing milk bath, combine coconut milk powder with equal parts Natrasorb, corn starch or oatmeal and milk or yogurt powder. We recommend first adding your fragrance and moisturizing oils to the Natrasorb and then blending with the remaining dry ingredients. Herbal extracts and/or powdered herbs, honey powder, royal jelly and other powdered nutritives may be added for additional benefits. This milk bath blend can be added to the tub for a softening soak or mixed into a paste with heavy cream or yogurt for a creamy milk based body wrap.

INCI: Coconut Milk Powder


Créez des savons apaisants pour la peau, des enveloppements pour le corps, des crèmes et des lotions avec de la poudre de lait de coco.

Fabrication de savon de processus froid

Reconstituer 2 oz de lait de coco en poudre dans 16 oz d’eau chaude et utiliser à la place de l’eau lors de la fabrication de savon Cold Process. La poudre de lait de coco peut être doublée (4 oz) pour la rendre crémeuse et ajouter de la graisse supplémentaire. Nous vous recommandons de geler dans une neige fondante d’abord, puis d’ajouter soit à votre solution de lessive ou directement au savon légèrement tracé.

Faire fondre et verser la fabrication du savon

Mesurer 1 cuillère à soupe de poudre par livre de savon. Faire une pâte épaisse avec une petite quantité d’eau. Ajouter le mélange à votre base fondue et remuer pour incorporer

Bain de lait hydratant – Enveloppements de corps

Pour un bain de lait hydratant, mélanger la poudre de lait de coco avec des parties égales Natrasorb, amidon de maïs ou gruau et lait ou poudre de yogourt. Nous vous recommandons d’ajouter d’abord votre parfum et des huiles hydratantes au Natrasorb, puis mélanger avec les ingrédients secs restants. Des extraits de plantes et/ou des herbes en poudre, de la poudre de miel, de la gelée royale et d’autres nutritifs en poudre peuvent être ajoutés pour des avantages supplémentaires. Ce mélange de bain de lait peut être ajouté à la baignoire pour un bain ramolli ou mélangé dans une pâte avec de la crème lourde ou du yogourt pour une enveloppe pour le lait crémeux à base de corps.

INCI: Poudre de lait de coco

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12 reviews for Coconut Milk Powder

  1. Begona

    This product does your soap very soft and creamy! You can add in the trace or in the water and you’ll have great results both ways!

  2. Kyla

    I love this coconut milk. It is so rich and smooth and works well in so many products. It has a fantastic coconut scent and good price.

  3. Sierra

    A great price for a great ammount, when you open the bag you get a brilliant smell of creamy coconut, i’ve been adding this to my bath bombs and CP soaps, works great, smells awesome and its so creamy smooth!

  4. Laura

    I used my coconut milk powder in cold process soap and it made for a creamy smooth bar! I added the powder at trace instead of reconstituting it and making it a slush as recommended. I also used it in making a hair conditioner and it helped add more creaminess and moisture to the product. It’s a very versatile item to have.

  5. Sharon

    Love the smell!! I use this to make a milk bath together with oatmeal for the sensitive skin of children.

  6. Linda

    Pure coconut is what you smell when you open the bag. Added to my bath powder with oat starch, makes for a creamy soothing, skin softening bath. A must for anyone who loves the benefits of coconut milk.

  7. Angela

    This powder is great in my milk baths! The smell is amazing!

  8. Julianne

    Amazing in my oatmeal bath melts! Great quality and price.

  9. Pénélope

    Smooth ans melts into water like a charm. PERFECT in CP soaps!

  10. Natasha

    Simply delicious and luxurious! Every product I add this to becomes a customer favourite! I infused cocoa butter and coconut oil with the coconut milk powder and used that combination to make lotion bars and they are wonderful!

  11. Brenda

    I used this for the first time in a bath sachet. It was wonderful. It dissolved in warm water. The water felt soft silky but not sticky afterwards. I really like this product. Worked great in soap too. Dreaming up new ways to use. Smells nice. Not over powering.

  12. Charline

    I love that this is vegan friendly. Many coconut milks have actual milk solids in the ingredients list and it smells fantastic!

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