• Coconut Oil 76

Coconut Oil – 76 (RBD)

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Coconut 76 (refined, bleached, deodorized) is a white semisolid fat which liquefies at 76 degrees (Fahrenheit). Coconut Oil 76 is a soft white or slightly yellow semi-solid highly saturated fat commonly used by the soap and cosmetic industries as a cream base or raw material for soaps, ointments, massage creams and more.

Coconut oil is useful in formulations for dry, itchy, sensitive skin. It will not clog pores, and it absorbs readily into the skin. Coconut oil is a main staple in the soap making industry because of its resistance to rancidity and contribution towards making a hard bar of soap with a wonderfully fluffy lather. Coconut oil is light and non-greasy. It can be incorporated well into balms and stick formulations.

In the colder months this oil will arrive in solid form.  In the warmer months this oil may arrive in liquid form, as Coconut Oil 76 melts at 76 degrees Fahrenheit.  Receiving liquid oil does not mean you have received the incorrect item.

Common Uses of Coconut Oil

  • Lipsticks
  • Soaps
  • Ointments
  • Massage creams
  • Sunscreens

Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • Lathers easily in soap
  • Smooths skin
  • Longer shelf life

Country of Origin: Indonesia
Extraction Method: Cold Expeller Pressed
SAP NaOH : 0.1780
SAP KOH : 0.2510
Required HLB: 6-7
Shelf Life: 1 year

If you have difficulty dispensing your product from the container, please place the container in a warm water bath to melt the oil before pouring.  The PET containers have a melting point of 120* F.  Please do NOT heat your container on the stove, as this may result in damage to your container and/or contamination of your product.  We cannot accept liability for damage to your product caused by overheating of these oils.

Coconut oil 76 is packaged as follows:

  • TBD
  • TBD

Drum Sizes:

  • 200 L Metal Drum (190 kg)
    Must be shipped by freight company.  Please call for shipping estimate.  DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR FLAT RATE SHIPPING




Le prix le plus bas au Canada! Qualité supérieure à un prix qui ne peut pas être battu!

La noix de coco 76 (raffinée, blanchie, désodorisée) est une graisse semi-solide blanche qui se liquéfie à 76 degrés (Fahrenheit). L’huile de coco 76 est une graisse semi-solide blanche douce ou légèrement jaune très saturée couramment utilisée par les industries du savon et des cosmétiques comme base de crème ou matière première pour les savons, les onguents, les crèmes de massage et plus encore.

L’huile de coco est utile dans les formulations pour les peaux sèches, démangeaisons et sensibles. Il ne obstruera pas les pores, et il absorbe facilement dans la peau. L’huile de coco est un aliment de base principal dans l’industrie de fabrication de savon en raison de sa résistance à la rancune et de sa contribution à faire une barre dure de savon avec une mousse merveilleusement moelleuse. L’huile de coco est légère et non grasse. Il peut être bien incorporé dans les baumes et les formulations de bâton.

Dans les mois les plus froids, cette huile arrivera sous forme solide. Dans les mois les plus chauds cette huile peut arriver sous forme liquide, comme l’huile de noix de coco 76 fond à 76 degrés farenheit. Recevoir de l’huile liquide ne signifie pas que vous avez reçu l’article incorrect.

Utilisations courantes de l’huile de noix de coco

  • Rouges à lèvres
  • Savons
  • Onguents
  • Crèmes de massage
  • Écrans solaires

Avantages de l’huile de noix de coco

  • Mousse facilement dans le savon
  • Lisse la peau
  • Durée de conservation plus longue

Pays d’origine: Indonésie
Méthode d’extraction: Cold Expeller pressé
SAP NaOH : 0.1780
SAP KOH : 0.2510
HLB requis: 6-7
Durée de conservation : 1 an

Si vous avez de la difficulté à distribuer votre produit à partir du récipient, veuillez placer le récipient dans un bain d’eau chaude pour faire fondre l’huile avant de verser. Les contenants PET ont un point de fusion de 120 F. S’il vous plaît ne pas chauffer votre conteneur sur le poêle, car cela peut entraîner des dommages à votre conteneur et / ou la contamination de votre produit. Nous ne pouvons pas accepter la responsabilité pour les dommages causés à votre produit par la surchauffe de ces huiles.

L’huile de coco 76 est emballée comme suit :


  • 3,5 kg (1) 3,78 L Conteneur PET à bouche large
  • 21 kg L (6) 3,78 L Conteneur PET à bouche large
  • Taille des tambours:
  • 200 L Metal Drum (190 kg)


Doit être expédié par la compagnie de fret. S’il vous plaît appelez pour l’estimation d’expédition.

Cet article n’est pas admissible aux rabais du titulaire de compte ou des membres de la guilde.

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88 reviews for Coconut Oil – 76 (RBD)

  1. Louise

    I’m really amazed with how soothing this is for my skin. I tend to have dry thin skin. What I like about coconut 76 is it tends to condition without giving a greasy feeling and my skin is so soft afterwards. This is one of my favorite products and has superior quality.

  2. Alex

    Great price for a great product. I find the bucket extremely hard to open

  3. Peggy

    I love the product and I love the price. I have been buying the 1000ml size and it is very easy to get all of the product out of the container.

  4. Tania

    Great product, fantastic price! I always use coconut oil in my cp soap:)

  5. kelly

    This product was fantastic, and loved the price, just wish it would have come in a container with bigger opening! I used this in a coconut & honey soap.

  6. Begona

    This oil is perfect for your soap, i love it and i

  7. Jocelyne

    The best price around……….After checking a whole lot of website!!! + it is here in Canada.

  8. Kyla

    Yummy in CP soap! Great product for a great price.

  9. janet

    Happy with your products. I find the coconut oil has a good shelve life and has good quality. Thank you

  10. Meagan

    The product is great this is my second time buying the coconut oil. This time I decided to buy a larger quantity, I find the bottle a little awkward for using you have to melt it to get any out. A larger mouthed bottle would make things a long easier.

    July 31, 2012 – We have had to change to 1 Litre F style jugs and 4 L gallon jugs for the Coconut 76. We have experienced a lot of damages with shipping this item recently and our research proved that the wide mouth jars and pails were the culprit. Please put the Coconut Oil in a warm water bath to melt. Saffire Blue staff.

  11. Judy

    excellent oil works great in my creams and because I needed the order fast had it within 3 days ty

  12. Elizabeth

    Coconut oil just as it should be and for a very economical price.

  13. Erik

    Top quality product, and great price! I’m so happy to have found a decent Canadian soap making supply company.

  14. Peggy

    I love Saffire Blue and their customer service but I by far prefer the wide mouth jars. I purchased the 1 L containers of coconut and palm oils and proceeded to melt them to put them in the wide mouth jars I had from a previous order. Now by my own fault, I didn’t inspect the old containers and they had holes in the bottom from the last time I made soap – I forgot I had used a knife to chip out the oil near the bottom. When I poured the coconut oil, I lost quite amount of oil on my counter and had to scramble to find another container before I lost more. Now I don’t know if I will have enough coconut oil to make the 2 batches of soap I was planning. I read in a previous review the reason why they had to switch but I really prefer the old jars to these newer containers. I never had a problem with the wide mouth jars. I am giving a 4 star rating because I still love the oil itself.

  15. Kelly

    Terrific product, makes all my soaps have those important soap qualities and your price is great.

  16. Riley

    I love the creamy consistency of coconut oil, and your prices can’t be beat for such a great product! I have purchased it for years from you, but only in the last order I made did I receive the oil in a container used for pouring. I much preferred the wide mouth plastic jars, as with the new ones, I have to melt the oil and pour it into a more accessible container. Other thatn the container however, I have no complaints! Thanks 🙂

  17. Angela

    I think the product is great, but I had a hard time time getting it out of the container. The last ime I purchased it it came in a pail type container that I could scrape it out of, but this time it was in a jug. I had to heat it carefully in the oven to liquify it so I could pour it. Not very convenient. The same for the palm oil I bought. roducts are good:)Small mouthed jugs, not so good ***COCONUT OIL SHOULD NOT BE MELTED IN AN OVEN. PLASTIC JUG WILL MELT RESULTING IN A FIRE.***

  18. Lisa

    Nice product. Makes beautiful soap.I do find the jugs difficult to deal with but I found a way around that. I liquify the oil and transfer it to pails so that I can take out just what I need at a time.

  19. Marg

    I understand some people are having difficulty with the new containers. I place a small, upside down ramekin, (any other glass or ceramic bowl will do) in the middle of my slow cooker, set the jug on top of the ramekin and turn it on to high. Depending on how firm the oil was to start, and how much I need, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to be able to pour off enough for my recipe. If I am doing multiple batches, it only needs to be melted once. Just make sure you have a couple of inches of clearance between the jug and the edge of the slow cooker on all sides so you don’t melt the container, and NEVER PUT THE JUG DIRECTLY INTO THE SLOWCOOKER WITHOUT THE DISH UNDERNEATH.

  20. Judith

    This coconut oil was easy to melt by just setting it in hot water. Within a few minutes it poured and was very user friendly.

  21. Bernice

    Happy with my coconut oil. Another staple of mine.

  22. Tina

    Saffire Blue’s coconut oil -76 makes perfect cold processed soap every time. Amazing lather, great price, and a wonderful company.

  23. Layne

    Best price, quality stuff. Well packaged. I will buy this again for CP soap.

  24. Sacha

    Great price for coconut oil. I understand the issue about the pails being damaged in shipping but it would be helpful if you could sell the empty pails so that you can transfer the coconut oil from the jugs to a pail once you get it so you only need to melt it once and not every time you use it.

  25. Mary

    I could not believe how much product I received for such a great price. Thanks Saffire Blue!

  26. Julia

    Comes in very convenient sizes and is great for creams, soaps and other home made goodies!

  27. Nicole

    This oil is exactly as expected. Good quality and good to use in products.

  28. Cindy

    i use coconut oil alot so i decided to buy the 1L – the oil itself is great quality but it was a bit tricky with the jug in came in. the price was fantastic 🙂

  29. Demetra

    I love coconut oil…. helps my son’s eczema…. may consider getting pail next time though….

  30. Robyn

    Only giving this a 4 because the 1 liter jug is quite difficult to work with – it requires melting the jug even to get just a bit out. Otherwise, very pleased with quality for the price. Held up great in hot process soap and in a massage bar. Will definitely reorder, might get a more convenient size to open next time.

  31. Lisa

    …have a nice scent…mine had solidified when i received it – much easier than the solid form to work with

  32. claire

    The price is better than my other supplier. I will be ordering this again and the tub is nice and easy to open

  33. Alicia

    Love this coconut oil! It’s perfect and a must have for all of my recipes. No floaters in this one! Melts extremely well!

  34. Nina

    A great quality – and AMAZING value for money – coconut oil.

  35. Charlene

    Loved this oil! Great consistency and the jugs were soo convenient!

  36. Sherri

    Great quality coconut oil at a fantastic price! I always have some in my cart, waiting for my next order.

  37. janet

    Love the quality of your coconut oil and great price. thank you Janet

  38. Karly

    This is definitely a go to oil – soap, lotion, lip balm, diaper rash cream etc. Great product, great price.

  39. Jocelyn

    This is a great product. I make it myself sometimes and I know that it’s 100% pure. It goes on your skin as silk and the smell is not strong at all. All my friends love it; I love it and we use it all over our bodies. I recommend it to everyone. Try it. You’ll love it! Thank you, Saffire Blue!

  40. Demetra

    Used as one of the main ingredients in my creams, it has worked wonders on my son’s eczema! I love this product and so does my son!!!

  41. Cheryl

    Wouldn’t be without my Coconut Oil for soap making. Love this stuff and so do my customers that use my soap. 🙂

  42. Darlene

    best price, great product i use this in everything will definitely order larger sizes now that I know it is good

  43. Danielle

    this is a staple in my house, try it, I’m certain it will be a staple in your home/ recipes

  44. Lucille

    J’ai reçu ma commande. Tout est parfait. I received my order. Everything is completed.

  45. Cindy

    Use this in all the cp recipes. Great in soaps, and great price!

  46. Janet

    I’ve been using this coconut oil exclusively in my soap making, it’s WONDERFUL!

  47. Maureen

    Beautiful! Pure white, lovely stuff at a good price. Comes in a jug, but easy to melt in a sink of hot water and pour into a pail. To get the last bits out I cut the top off the jug easily.

  48. Sarah

    Definitely the cheapest I can find coconut oil for. I’m not a fan of the contain it comes in, however the quality is high and I use it all the time in my CP soaps

  49. Diane

    Perfect, fresh oil that smells good not rancid, hight quality, very satisfied

  50. Diane

    Perfect, fresh oil that smells good not rancid, hight quality, very satisfied

  51. Merryl

    I am pleased with the product, but the only thing I do not entirely like is the bottle it is packaged in… It makes it hard to get out. Nice, otherwise!

  52. Geneviève

    Avec cette huile de noix de coco, mes savons sont réussis à tous les coups! Je l’adore!

  53. Laura

    I’m very impressed with the quality and price of this oil. While it is packaged in a narrow neck bottle, I used a hot water bath to melt the oil and repackage it for easier use. I will definitely be reordering!

  54. Sue

    I use Coconut Oil in many recipes and especially when making DIY soap, to ensure a nice lather. I purchase it from Sapphire Blue because I know I will get a good product and I can order large quantities at a better price.

  55. James

    This is a great product for CP soap. Very happy with it. Just wish the 4l. size would still come in pails as it is a bit less practical in jugs.

  56. Julia

    The coconut oil is great quality, but the jug makes it very hard to get out. It is especially difficult when there is only a little bit left.

  57. Cindy

    My go-to Coconut Oil. Great price and exceptional quality! You did it again, Saffire Blue!

  58. Alicia

    Great price! I miss the coconut smell but this is a great product!

  59. Linda J

    Great product at a great price. When the weather is warm I have no trouble getting this out of the jugs it comes in but once solid, I have to warm it in some way and it is more troublesome, wish it still came in the pails.

  60. Victoria

    I love SB Coconut Oil. I started using it for my Soap making. Now I cook with it. Fry eggs, fish, and so on. Use on my face, my arms and legs, my hair. I’ve used other Coconut oils from different suppliers. SB a Coconut oil is by far the best quality and price I’ve have come across. Thank you Saffire Blue ..Sally’s Soap Kitchen.

  61. rowena

    Good price, easily to use in making papaya soap, help to kill the smell of Lye,creamy i love to mix other ingredient

  62. Catherine

    I order this all the time, it’s a great price and quality and is easy to use.

  63. Kathie

    Very nice quality makes my bathbombs silky on the skin

  64. Joyce

    So pleased with this coconut oil~! A wonderful product at a great price 🙂

  65. Kathie

    I am using this oil to make bath bombs. It is wonderfully silky

  66. Debbie

    A very nice product. I would prefer being able to scoop out the coconut oil but it melts very quickly when I place the jug in a sink of hot water.

  67. Michaelle

    Why did I not buy this from you before?! You are saving me A LOT of money! Just made the mistake of forgetting to buy the pail but it’s all good! I transferred it without any issues!

  68. Victoria

    Excellent product. This is the only place I buy my Coconut oil from now. I’ve tried many other places. I’ve now found my place.

  69. Guy

    Excellent product, great price. I love coconut oil, I use it mainly to make soap but I use it for almost everything.

  70. Carrie

    This is the only Coconut oil I have ever used in my soapmaking, and it is a consistently predictable product. Without hesitation I would recommend this to anyone who regularly uses Coconut oil in soaping.

  71. Andrea

    I put the bottle in our small sink filled with hot water. This is great value, about a third of what I would pay for the same amount from a store where I live. Had the same, consistent results from two bottles I ordered in the summer and the fall, it does a lot for my CP soap.

  72. leah

    I love this site. I find all they’re products to be high quality.

  73. Nicole

    As a first time soap maker, I didnt know what to expect when I first bought this product, I generally always have food grade coconut oil in my house though, so I was intrigued.

    When it arrived it came packaged very well, in a large heavy duty type bottle with resealable cap. In order to use the product I fill the sink with hot water and sit the bottle in there for about 10 minutes or so while i prepare. The only issue I have with it being in a bottle is when im trying to pour to get measurements, when pouring smaller amount out, it seems to run down the side of the bottle and make it slick. I just put the whole bottle back in the sink though so wash off what I can.

    In regards to the product itself and not its packaging, it is RBD so there is no coconut smell to it whatsoever, but the soap that I have made has turned out beautifully. I have now made 4 batches and all have turned out great. I look forward to now buy all my coconut oil from Saffire Blue in the near future.

  74. Margot

    Best price I have found anywhere. great for CP soap

  75. Danix

    Always the best value! Nowhere else for better deal in Canada.

  76. DALIA

    excellent product, will buy larger sizes next time

  77. Sara

    The product is good, nothing wrong with it. The problem is the packaging. The 4L size is shipped in a pour-type jug, but by the time it arrives it is completely hard. If I didnt have a gallon bucket with a snap lid that I could melt the oil and pour it into, Im not sure how I would have been able to use it without melting the entire container every time I needed a couple of ounces.

  78. Sarah-Anne

    Great price. Will use in soaps. It doesn’t smell like much at all.


    Great price and product; wish it came in a pail, not a jug.

  80. Kevin

    Great product at a great price! A classic in all my orders! Thanks SB!

  81. Tina

    Awesome quality at a great price! Easy to work with. I use it as a base oil for every kind of soaps I made. =)

  82. Andrea

    A great high quality oil. I love that it came in a wide mouth jug, which makes it easier to use.

  83. Michelle

    I had to put the coconut oil in a hot bath to melt it just to get it out of the container and pour into another container I had on hand. It’s a bit of a pain especially if you don’t have any containers on hand.

  84. Brenda

    I have ordered this oil 3 times. It is easy to work with . It is winter so I have to put it in a warm water bath before pourable. However I don’t mind. Another great product

  85. Brenda

    I have purchased this oil 2 times from Saffire Blue both times I was happy with quality quantity and amazing price. In winter you do have to place the container into a warm water bath to be able to pour. Oils need to be warmed anyway so no problem. This oil when liquid is clear in colour and has a slight coconut smell. It absorbs into son quickly and easily. I was happy with delivery. Label is easy to read.

  86. Bev

    This coconut oil works wonderfully well in both my cold process, and hot process soaps. I find that the price is very reasonable as well. It is a bit time consuming melting and getting it out of the bottle, but the product itself is well worth a little bit of effort. Thank You Saffire Blue!!

  87. Laura

    I found this oil to be great for making lotion bars. It is unscented and perfect for my sensitive skin.

  88. danielle

    Love it! Very quick absorption and leaves skin silky and moisturized without that greasy feel most other coconut oils leave.

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