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Cranberry Fig Fragrance Oil

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Phthalate Free – Bath & Body Safe

This fragrance offers a fun twist on traditional holiday scents. Warm and soft fig is paired amazingly with tart cranberry to offer a one of a kind scent experience.

To review the actual IFRA Certificate of Compliance maximum suggested fragrance usage in finished products for this particular fragrance, please refer to the Fragrance IFRA Certificate found here: Cranberry Fig Fragrance Oil

Suitable for SoapYes
Suitable for CandlesYes
Suitable for Leave on ProductsYes
Suitable for Rinse off ProductsYes
RicingYes (Slight)
Vanilla Content0


Phthalate Gratuit – Bain et Corps sans danger

Ce parfum offre une touche amusante sur les parfums traditionnels de vacances. La figue chaude et douce est jumelée étonnamment avec la canneberge acidulée pour offrir une expérience de parfum unique en son genre.

Pour passer en revue le certificat DE conformité IFRA réel maximum suggéré utilisation de parfum dans les produits finis pour ce parfum particulier, s’il vous plaît se référer au certificat de parfum IFRA trouvé ici: Huile de parfum de figue de canneberge

Point de rupture101°C
Convient pour le savonOui
Convient aux bougiesOui
Convient pour le congé sur les produitsOui
Convient pour Rincer les produitsOui
RicingOui (léger)
Contenu vanille0

15 reviews for Cranberry Fig Fragrance Oil

  1. Kyla

    This is definitely a nice holiday scent but I don’t smell the cranberry at all. Its more of a spicy fig in my opinion but nice none the less.

  2. Monica

    One of my new favourite soap scents! Sweet, mouthwatering and more mellow than straight cranberry. Will definitely use in my lotion.

  3. Marie-France

    Nice christmas smell, some love it and some hate it, It is important to know that it is a seizer in CP soap.

  4. Victoria

    Love this scent. Its going to make some wonderful bathbombs, a nice light christmas scent

  5. Shannon

    Love this smell, so sweet and Christmasy – can’t wait to make soap with it for the holidays!


    Love this scent, however for CP soap making it’s a challenge. Seizes almost instantly for me. Does not discolour.

  7. Victoria

    I cant even express how much I love this FO its the best smell i’ve ever smelled, i made a whole line out of this scent. In cp soap it does accelerate and go to seize very quickly but i read the reviews and was prepared for disaster and added the fragrance at the very last second and threw it right in the mold and it made an AMAZING soap. Cant get enough of this!!!

  8. Melissa

    good product from saffire blue! The price is very reasonable. nice and strong

  9. Danielle

    I also love this scent and customers too!
    @CHERYL I have the same issue as you, however I can beat it if I get my lye/oil solution to a thin trace, colour it and then pour in the FO and just stir it will a spoon, DO NOT blend it…. Do this as fast as you can, have you mold ready and pour once it gets to a medium trace.

  10. Wendy

    One of my personal favourites, and a definite MUST in my Christmas lineup. It’s hard to find a customer who doesn’t LOVE this bar!

  11. Valerie

    This FO sold out almost instantly! Gone, off my shelf like a snap of the fingers. Worked very well in CPOP, no discoloration and no acceleration in the formula I used. I was told by a couple of purchasers they thought it smelled like raspberry….great seller.

  12. Jaclyn

    The Smell is great. I tried in CP soap and it separated, accelerated and riced. Would be great in other projects though for the scent

  13. Nicole

    Nice scent though accelerates WAY to fast in CP, normal basic recipe always use, full water 8% Sf, was at a very light emulsification when i added this fragrance it seized up like a brick. benefit of the doubt though I tried it again on another batch using different colorants ( micas ) and seized up once more. i had split half the batch and didnt add the fragrance, the half without had no problems. ruined 5lbs of soap.

    as stated on the website:

    This fragrance offers a fun twist on traditional holiday scents. Warm and soft fig is paired amazingly with tart cranberry to offer a one of a kind scent experience.

    Acceleration Yes
    Flashpoint 101°C
    Suitable for Soap Yes
    Suitable for Candles Yes
    Suitable for Leave on Products Yes
    Suitable for Rinse off Products Yes
    Ricing Yes (Slight)
    Discolouration None
    Vanilla Content 0

  14. Sherri

    Fantastic scent and one of my best sellers in CP soap, but I had to take a star off for how quickly it accelerates trace. Even when I soap at room temperature and barely mix until I have an emulsion, it’s difficult to get the batter into the mold before it completely solidifies. Of course any sort of swirling is out of the question, and your bars might look a bit more “rustic” than usual, but if you’re ok with that, you can’t go wrong with this fragrance.

  15. Christine

    I tried this fragrance and was so dissipointed. My soap seized right away to the point hat I literally had to scoop it into the mold. It might be better in a MP soap or lotion but it’s not suitable in a CP soap. I won’t purchase this again.

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