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Dendritic Salt

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Dendritic salt is a very fine grain, star shaped salt which has been crystallized to provide increased surface area. Because of its low bulk density and high surface area, dendritic salt is used to prevent clumping or when rapid dissolution or even mixing with other ingredients is needed. Dendritic Salt has a special star-shaped molecular structure that “grabs on” to your fragrance or essential oil molecules and keeps them from being oxidized by the magnesium in the salts. Adding approximately 5 % – 10 % of dentritic salt makes for a longer shelf life for your salt formulations and makes the fragrance stay true longer. When using to make bath salts mix your fragrance or essential oil with your dendritic salts and then blend the dendritic salts into your other salts ensuring that you mix them well.



Le sel dendritique est un grain très fin, sel en forme d’étoile qui a été cristallisé pour fournir une surface accrue. En raison de sa faible densité en vrac et de sa surface élevée, le sel dendritique est utilisé pour éviter l’agglutination ou lorsque la dissolution rapide ou même le mélange avec d’autres ingrédients est nécessaire. Le sel dendritique a une structure moléculaire spéciale en forme d’étoile qui « s’accroche » à votre parfum ou molécules d’huile essentielle et les empêche d’être oxydés par le magnésium dans les sels. L’ajout d’environ 5 % à 10 % du sel dentritique permet une plus longue durée de conservation pour vos formulations de sel et rend le parfum plus longtemps vrai. Lors de l’utilisation pour faire des sels de bain mélanger votre parfum ou l’huile essentielle avec vos sels dendritiques, puis mélanger les sels dendritiques dans vos autres sels en vous assurant que vous les mélangez bien.

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6 reviews for Dendritic Salt

  1. Hannah

    I was excited to try the dendritic salt because it is supposed to have an extremely good absorptive capacity, meaning less essential oil can be used and the scent will also last longer. This dendritic salt did not disappoint, amplifying the lavender oil I used it with in a test bath. I cannot wait to add some of this to my next batch of bath bombs!

  2. Kyla

    I really like using this salt in so many products. It holds onto fragrance very well and has a very fine texture. Can be used in just about anything.It does clump and requires time to break it down but i still like it. Really good price.

  3. Debra

    I intend to use this in some bath products. So far have just tried in the kitchen, but it’s a great consistency – fine grain, and can see that it takes less salt with food

  4. Mary

    Good price and work well in bath bombs or bath salts.

  5. Cindy

    This definitely helps hold scent on CP Soaps. Doesn’t thicken or make soap feel grainy. An excellent product.

  6. Charline

    I like to wet the salt with home made vanilla extract then dry so that I can use the powder in products that don’t contain water. It works well.

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