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Deodorant Tube – White

Starting at: $1.50

* Bulk Sizes require a minimum 2 weeks processing time.
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IMPORTANT: All of our products are intended for external use only.


A 70 gram white PP plastic oval-shaped deodorant container with dial.

  • Colour White
  • Size 70 gram
  • Material PP
  • Length 2.25 in
  • Width 1.25 in
  • Height 4 in
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10 reviews for Deodorant Tube – White

  1. karen

    Hi there, I really liked the containers. The containers are professional looking, the price was right and you had a wide selection of sizes. The product was shipped promptly and everything i was interested in was in stock so there was no backorders. I will be ordering again from your company.

  2. Kimia

    The product is good overall. It is well-designed and cut plastic with no rough edges, but a little on the soft side. It rolls up and down well. It arrived promptly, but the amount of packaging was just too much, especially because it was Styrofoam peanuts! Also, the cost of shipping was too much given that it would be a similar price to send it overseas.

    Saffire Blue response: The peanuts are bio-degradable and made from cornstarch. They dissolve in water. The shipping cost was $7.24 which is fair for Canadian rates.

  3. Sandra

    Absolutely love these. They’re the perfect size, they roll up great, not to mention the price is right.

  4. Karyn

    Great container for deodorant. Easy to use and simple to clean for reuse.

  5. emily

    Loved these tubes! They did not leak, even after the second and third use. perfect size for both women and men.

  6. Amy

    Great sized tubes for our everyday deodorant. They were very easy to fill as well.

  7. Shannon

    Like these better than I expected! Appreciate that they’re a “full volume” tube where the base screws all the way to the bottom. They’re nice to handle. Don’t love the look of the white necessarily. Seems too “normal.” But once filled and labeled, they actually look very professional and nice. I’ve decided I really like them now! 🙂

  8. Diane

    Perfect size for body butters and home made deodorant. Cap on/off easily. Highly recommend, and great price!

  9. Cynthia

    very good product, they do not leak and are ideal when making lotion bars.

  10. Shelly

    Perfect. Just what I needed to get my hubby using my homemade deodorant. He was not into using his fingers!:)
    This size is the same as a typical store bought deodorant tube.

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