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Dipropylene Glycol

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Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) is produced in different grades and for different applications. Our Dipropylene Glycol is specifically formulated for the cosmetic and fragrance industries. It is over 99.5% pure with a very low odour. DPG can be used as a humectant, solvent or carrier in cosmetic formulas. Our DPG has a low risk of skin irritation.

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Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) est produit dans différentes catégories et pour différentes applications. Notre Dipropylène Glycol est spécialement formulé pour les industries cosmétiques et parfumées. Il est plus de 99,5% pur avec une odeur très faible. DPG peut être utilisé comme humectant, solvant ou porteur dans les formules cosmétiques. Notre DPG a un faible risque d’irritation de la peau.


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2 reviews for Dipropylene Glycol

  1. Lindsay

    I ordered 1L of this product and as yet I am COMPLETELY satisfied with it. Rest assured I am EXTREMLY picky about my DPG. I am using it for a very specific application for which any odor or contaminant would be COMPLETELY unacceptable. Beware of sellers who sell 99 percent DPG as “fragrance grade DPG” AND claim that that it is the purest available. I chose this vendor because they specifically listed this product as being 99.5 percent pure. The price was competitive even when shipping and rush processing taken into account. If a guaranteed certificate of analysis was included it would get 5 stars. This product is as advertised and well worth the 7 days it took to receive it via FedEx ground here in Portland Oregon. If you are looking for low odor dipropylene glycol THIS is what you seek. Good work Sapphire Blue!

  2. Patricia

    Am not a fan of propylene glycol but love using this in my creams and lotions. Will purchase a bigger volume next time as it really last long.

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