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Dragons Blood Fragrance Oil

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Phthalate Free – Bath & Body Safe

This warm tantalizing blend of ambers and woods consists of patchouli, rose, jasmine and floral embedded. Topped with nuances of citrus and softened with a vanilla and powder base.

To review the actual IFRA Certificate of Compliance maximum suggested fragrance usage in finished products for this particular fragrance, please refer to the Fragrance IFRA Certificate found here: Dragon’s Blood Fragrance Oil

Suitable for SoapYes
Suitable for CandlesN/A
Suitable for Leave on ProductsYes
Suitable for Rinse off ProductsYes
Vanilla Content0.00109



Phthalate Gratuit – Bain et Corps sans danger

Ce mélange chaleureux alléchant d’ambres et de bois se compose de patchouli, de rose, de jasmin et de fleurs encastrées. Garni de nuances d’agrumes et ramolli avec une base de vanille et de poudre.

Pour passer en revue le certificat IFRA réel de conformité maximum suggéré utilisation de parfum dans les produits finis pour ce parfum particulier, s’il vous plaît se référer au certificat de parfum IFRA trouvé ici: Dragon’s Blood Fragrance Oil


Point de rupture76°C
Convient pour le savonOui
Convient aux bougiesN/A
Convient pour le congé sur les produitsOui
Convient pour Rincer les produitsOui
Contenu vanille0.00109

14 reviews for Dragons Blood Fragrance Oil

  1. Tania

    Discolours cp soap to a very dark brown but the scents really sticks. And it smells very good, for men and women!

  2. Anne

    I loved the smell of this fragrance. It had a beautifully warm and rich floral base, deep and very bold, and it was surrounded by what I feel is almost a lovely sandalwood incense scent, reminiscent of “Nag Champaa” and other similar smells. This product held beautifully in hot process soap, I added it right after I coloured the soap with mica and before I poured it in the mold. The scent remained after the soaps were cut and still linger strongly after a 2 week cure! I would recommend this scent for any “hippie chick” type of soap bar, or for those who love a more daring and illuminating floral blend. It lingered on my skin after use, providing a mild and intoxicating perfume experience.

  3. Emma

    This scent is very nice! It lingers on your skin and just smells so good!

  4. Monica

    Warm, amber-like scent. Wonderful for men. Still appealing for women though. Makes for a dark brown soap with no additional color.

  5. Christine

    Gorgeous fragrance but needs adjustments because it discoloured quite dark and riced on me big time! Had to cook my batch. But I just adore the scent so I will try a few tricks to overcome these….. surprises.

  6. Jennifer

    I found it to strong and there is something about it that I cant quite wrap my head around. Maybe if I mix it with another fragrance.

  7. Elizabeth

    Love this scent, one of my favourites. Its pretty strong so less is more with it and it hasn’t faded. I didn’t find it discolored the pink and grey CP soap I used it in, though it is dark.

  8. pat

    I really like this fragrance, it has an earthy under note to it and reminds me of incense.

  9. J.

    I only got a sample of this fragrance, but I’ve fallen in love! A fabulous rich complex smoky scent, deep and evocative. As another reviewer mentioned I smell sandalwood in it, and amber, but the final aroma is truly so much more than the some of its parts. I will be getting enough to try in cp soap (and maybe some candles, massage oil and/or incense sticks), in the mean time I’m really looking forward to the batch of bath fizzies I’ll be making with my sample!

  10. Wendy

    great scent! used it in some lotion and soap and my hubby loves it!

  11. josee

    j’adore cette frangrance, elle va devenir un dada pour moi. ca rappel une petite odeur d’encens

  12. Laurel

    The men in my family love this scent. I used it in cp soap and I worked well. It is turning very dark brown even after a week and a half.

  13. Cindy

    I was worried that this FO would make a very dark soap, but it doesn’t. It turns a nice medium to light brown. The scent is amazing…intoxicating! Thick smelling, heavy and sensuous. But it lights up some in a soap.

  14. Odile

    Very strong and masculine scent. Should be used in very small quantity in my opinion. I like it, but just a hint is enough. Patchouli base note but you have to be patient 🙂

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