• Foamer Cap – White w 4.5″ Tube – 40mm
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Foamer Cap – White w/ 4.5″ Tube – 40mm

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Foamer 40mm

  • Colour: White
  • Size: 40mm
  • Material: PP
  • Case Pack: 450

This Foamer 40mm fits

Clear PET Oval 250ml

Foamer 40mm

  • Couleur: Blanc
  • Taille: 40mm
  • Matériel: PP
  • Dossier: 450
  • Ce Foamer 40mm s’adapte

Effacer PET Ovale 250ml


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7 reviews for Foamer Cap – White w/ 4.5″ Tube – 40mm

  1. Candice

    Now I can do my own foaming hand soaps at home & know what’s in it. Very pleased as are the kids.

  2. Mistelle

    These have so many handy uses. Makes soap foamy but are a little picky. Clog when you use too much glycerin or anything with even the smallest particles.

  3. Michelle

    Great pump for foamers & go great with the cylinder bottles.

  4. Mistelle

    Great for liquid soaps but be careful if you are using something thick, it clogs the foamer up right away – including glycerin. Works great with castile soap if the dilution of glycerin is low.

  5. Helena

    this foamer cap is working very well for me. I looks very nice with the bottle I bought.

  6. Sandra

    This is perfect for my liquid hand soap, it does a great job at foaming the soap too.

  7. Amy

    I have never had a problem with these caps jamming or not working properly. Great product!

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