• French Pear Fragrance Oil

French Pear Fragrance Oil

(25 customer reviews)

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Phthalate Free – Bath & Body Safe

A succulent, ripe pear fragrance with notes of fresh apple, guiacwood and osmanthus to create a light, harmonious blend.

To review the actual IFRA Certificate of Compliance maximum suggested fragrance usage in finished products for this particular fragrance, please refer to the Fragrance IFRA Certificate found here:  French Pear Fragrance Oil

Acceleration None
Flashpoint 150°F
Suitable for Soap Yes
Suitable for Candles Yes
Suitable for Leave on Products Yes
Suitable for Rinse off Products Yes
Ricing None
Discolouration Dark Yellow
Vanilla Content 0


Phthalate Gratuit – Bain et Corps sans danger

Un parfum de poire succulent et mûr avec des notes de pomme fraîche, de guiacwood et d’osmanthus pour créer un mélange léger et harmonieux.

Pour passer en revue le certificat DE conformité IFRA réel maximum suggéré utilisation de parfum dans les produits finis pour ce parfum particulier, s’il vous plaît se référer au certificat de parfum IFRA trouvé ici: Français huile de parfum de poire

Accélération Aucun
Point de rupture 150°F
Convient pour le savon Oui
Convient aux bougies Oui
Convient pour le congé sur les produits Oui
Convient pour Rincer les produits Oui
Ricing Aucun
Décoloration jaune foncé
Contenu vanille 0
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25 reviews for French Pear Fragrance Oil

  1. Monica

    Smelling the bottle, I was worried that this would come out too sweet smelling in CP soap, but it is soft and refreshing. It blends wonderfully with both spearmint and jasmine essential oils. Hardly any acceleration.

  2. Doreen

    LOVE this scent and only sorry i bought a sample size!! Tried it in bath bombs and they are da bomb!! Smelled a little spicy…..LOVE IT!Will be ordering more of this!!

  3. Kristi

    This has been my favorite FO ordered so far. Kinda sweet with a little spice; smells amazing!

  4. sue

    Wonderful lush fragrance, yet not too overpoweringly sweet. Love it. Used it in my CP soap.

  5. Marie-France

    Smells great and did not accelerate nor discolour my CP soap. Blends very well with patchouli EO

  6. Doreen

    Performed beautifully in my cp soap…another great scent Saffire Blue

  7. Stephanie

    Absolutely mouthwatering! Delightful in bath bombs for the kids!

  8. Kelly

    Love this scent, intoxicating, and does well in CP

  9. Darlene

    heavenly will be sure to re order this one definitely order larger sizes

  10. Claudine

    Definitively one of my favorite! Fresh and sweet at the same time. Everybody love it as hand soap, room mist, soap, body butter, candles, etc. Vraiment MA préférée! Frais et sucrée à la fois. Un mot: hummmm!

  11. Cindy

    I get asked for this over and over. It is such a great fragrance to have, even in the summer! Warm, slightly spicy and full of rich goodness. A must have for soapers!

  12. Kathie

    Beautiful fragrance for our bath bombs. Will definetely buy again

  13. Robert

    This is a great scent and I have used it in melt and pour soaps. The fragrance is very juicy and customers love it too.

  14. Bonnie

    I love this fragrance oil. A beautiful fresh scent with the hit of crisp pear. It has become a fan favorite in my product line. Smells divine in soaps, lotions, butters, bubble baths, bath fizzys and my 3 butter lotion bars !!

  15. Sherri

    Love this! Can’t wait to order a bigger bottle next time. I might add a little spice to it for fall.

  16. Noreen

    This is a lovely pear scent. Nice on its own, or blended.

  17. Joanne

    So far the French Pear is my (and my husband’s) favourite fragrance. Just having a bar of pear soap on a rack in the shower makes the whole bathroom smell heavenly. Doesn’t affect colour or trace speed.

  18. Martha

    This is a wonderful fall fragrance. One of my best sellers. It has just a hint of cinnamon. My customers love it.

  19. Noreen

    Very nice fragrance. Mixes well with other scents, and is lovely on its own.

  20. Laurence

    I don’t especially like fragrances, but this one is pretty nice. It smells sugary, perfect for soaps. My son’s favourite.

  21. Valerie

    This fragrance is another #1 bestseller for me. I call the soap I put it in Sugarplum…. it does discolor my HP so I use it in dark purple color…beautiful smell!

  22. Annie

    Divine pear fragrance. The whole house smelled wonderful for days after making a CP soap batch. Very strong scent, half an ounce was more then enough for a 800g batch.

  23. Tara

    A wonderful sweet smell. Another very popular scent in my wax melts that I make. Love this fragrance.

  24. Jeffery

    Great product, though not as crisp and fresh as I expected it. Very true to the description of ripe pears, when diluted the subtle nuances or apples and other fruits are brought out. Great fragrance!

  25. Nicole Poitras (verified owner)

    This fragrance has a true pear scent .Customers love it. Behaves well in CP soap , liquid soap for shampoo and shower gels and candles.
    I buy it by the liter and its well worth the price

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