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Germall Plus Liquid can deliver broad spectrum antimicrobial preservation. Germall Plus Liquid has no known chemical inactivators and is compatible with virtually all cosmetic ingredients. Water soluble. Liquid Germall can be incorporated at any point in the manufacturing process; it can be added directly to the water phase or to the emulsified portion of the formulation on the cool down at 50 degrees C or below.

Liquid Germall Plus Usage info

Recommended usage level for a finished formulation is 0.1 – 0.5% (.5% may be needed for products containing proteins or other complex ingredients.)

Liquid Germall Plus is ideal for water in oil emulsions, oil in water emulsions, Sun care products, creams and lotions, make up and other highly pigmented products. Liquid Germall Plus can adequately preserve most surfactant based hair care products, such as shampoos and body/shower gels at a level of 0.1%

Please note the recommended use levels are only guides to proper preservation. Depending on the individual formulation, the usage levels may be below or above the recommended levels.

Liquid Germall Plus is compatible with virtually all personal care raw materials, including proteins, vitamins, botanicals, surfactants and other complex ingredients. This product has no known inactivates and is effective over a PH range from 3-8

Figuring Out Percentages

Most recipes calculate or express Germall plus as a % of a batch by weight. To work out a percentage take the size of your batch and multiply by the % required.

INCI: Propylene Glycol (and) Diazolidinyl Urea (and) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate



Germall Plus Liquid peut fournir une conservation antimicrobienne à large spectre. Germall Plus Liquid n’a pas d’inactivateurs chimiques connus et est compatible avec pratiquement tous les ingrédients cosmétiques. Hydrosoluble. Le germall liquide peut être incorporé à tout moment du processus de fabrication; il peut être ajouté directement à la phase de l’eau ou à la partie émulsionnée de la formulation sur le refroidissement à 50 degrés C ou plus.

Liquid Germall Plus Informations d’utilisation

Le niveau d’utilisation recommandé pour une formulation finie est de 0,1 à 0,5 % (0,5 % peut être nécessaire pour les produits contenant des protéines ou d’autres ingrédients complexes).)

Liquid Germall Plus est idéal pour l’eau dans les émulsions d’huile, l’huile dans les émulsions d’eau, les produits de soins du soleil, les crèmes et les lotions, le maquillage et d’autres produits hautement pigmentés. Liquid Germall Plus peut préserver adéquatement la plupart des produits de soins capillaires à base de surfactants, tels que les shampooings et les gels corps/douche à un niveau de 0,1 %

Veuillez noter que les niveaux d’utilisation recommandés ne sont que des guides pour une bonne conservation. Selon la formulation individuelle, les niveaux d’utilisation peuvent être inférieurs ou supérieurs aux niveaux recommandés.

Liquid Germall Plus est compatible avec pratiquement toutes les matières premières de soins personnels, y compris les protéines, vitamines, plantes, surfactants et autres ingrédients complexes. Ce produit n’a pas d’inactifs connus et est efficace sur une gamme de PH de 3-8

Déterminer les pourcentages

La plupart des recettes calculent ou expriment Germall plus en % d’un lot par poids. Pour établir un pourcentage, prenez la taille de votre lot et multipliez par le pourcentage requis.

INCI: Propylene Glycol (et) Diazolidinyl Urea (et) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate


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11 reviews for Germall Plus

  1. Angela

    Preservative works well for my water based lotions

  2. Kate

    Amazing broad spectrum preservative that EVERYONE needs as part of their product preparation process. Quality is superb!
    Thank you Saffire Blue for giving my business the opportunity to sell quality products at reasonable prices. Pure Radiance Natural Skin Care http://www.pureradiance.ca

  3. Sandrine

    Liquid Germall Plus has been evaluated as safe for both rinse-off and leave-on products and has a safe toxicology profile but DIAZOLIDINYL UREA could be irritant for sensitive skin. I never had any problem so far.

  4. Sue

    I gave this product 5 stars even though I have not used it to date but every product I purchase from Saffire Blue is of the highest quality and works well in my recipes. I am looking forward in using it as a preservative in my lotions the very near future.

  5. Catherine

    Great preservative that never fails, I use this in most of my products.

  6. Angela

    The germall plus works great in my water based formulas.

  7. Danielle

    Great preservative added to all water based creations

  8. Darlene

    just what i needed to keep my lotions long lasting

  9. Carrie

    I am new to lotion making and I love this preservative so far, it is very easy to use and seems to keep all the junk at bay in my recipes! It is a very thick product and I have had an issue getting my measurement just right however that wouldn’t stop me from purchasing this product again!

  10. Brenda

    This was easy to pour from bottle. Thick clear liquid. Great price. Worked in formulations at beginning and end . Happy to have access to this perserative for my ho emade products. Thanks SB

  11. Charline

    This works every time. I have never had any spoilage in my products.

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