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  • Glass Dropper 2 oz 20-400

Glass Dropper 2 oz 20-400

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  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 20-400
  • Material: PP
  • Case Pack: 1700
  • Length: 4.135 in

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Please note: This dropper fits the bottles shown below. The dropper itself does not hold 2 oz of fluid.

7 reviews for Glass Dropper 2 oz 20-400

  1. eric

    These little beauties are the real deal! For small quantity refills on all your vaping devices -perfect!

  2. Joanna

    Ok.. How do you rate a dropper you might ask? Well, these ones are sturdy, you can tell by feeling them. Very important, especially if you are bottling things beyond liquid ie. serums.

  3. Tyson

    when u put these on ur dropper bottles … wow they look great making anything u have in them awesome as well… they dont have measurements which i would like but isnt that big of a deal when these droppers are made soo WELL!
    top notch !!! really i love these 4 stars cuz they dont have measurements

  4. Shawn

    The droppers fit the matching bottles.. Quick and easy to order. Initially I called in and was told that if I had concerns about the sizing of the bottle dropper— that I picked the correct one I should put that in the comments. Nice to know that there is an opportunity for correction of an order.

  5. Philippe

    These droppers offer a tight seal that will help preserve the contents of the bottle almost as well as a solid cap.

  6. Katharina

    These droppers look great and are very nice for tinctures.

  7. Robert

    Helps take my new products to the next level and makes them look professional. Price seems reasonable too.

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