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Glycerin may be added at trace to enhance your soaps moisturizing qualities. Vegetable glycerin is a water soluable humectant and is a wonderful addition to skin care products.

Glycerin is a neutral, sweet-tasting, colourless, thick liquid. It can be dissolved into water or alcohol, but not oils. Many things will dissolve into glycerin easier than they do into water or alcohol making glycerin a good solvent. Vegetable glycerin is a water soluble humectant widely used by Cold Process soap makers. Extra glycerin added to a soap bar produces a clear finish and extra moisturizing qualities.

Glycerin has many uses. It may be added to lotions and at trace to enhance their moisturizing qualities making it a wonderful addition to skin care products.

Cold process soap makers use it because it is a humectant. (A humectant is a substance used primarily in foods and cosmetic products to help retain moisture) This means that it attracts moisture to your skin. It is a natural by-product in the soap making process. Commercial manufacturers remove glycerin to be used in more expensive lotions and creams but an amount remains in every soap bar made.



La glycérine peut être ajoutée à la trace pour améliorer vos savons hydrater les qualités. La glycérine végétale est un humectant soluable d’eau et est un merveilleux ajout aux produits de soins de peau.

La glycérine est un liquide neutre, doux, incolore et épais. Il peut être dissous dans l’eau ou l’alcool, mais pas les huiles. Beaucoup de choses se dissolvent dans la glycérine plus facile qu’ils ne le font dans l’eau ou l’alcool faisant de la glycérine un bon solvant. La glycérine végétale est un humectant soluble dans l’eau largement utilisé par les savonniers Cold Process. La glycérine supplémentaire ajoutée à une barre de savon produit une finition claire et des qualités hydratantes supplémentaires.

La glycérine a de nombreuses utilisations. Il peut être ajouté aux lotions et à la trace pour améliorer leurs qualités hydratantes ce qui en fait un ajout merveilleux aux produits de soins de la peau.

Les savonneurs de processus froid l’utilisent parce que c’est un humectant. (Un humectant est une substance utilisée principalement dans les aliments et les produits cosmétiques pour aider à retenir l’humidité) Cela signifie qu’il attire l’humidité à votre peau. C’est un sous-produit naturel dans le processus de fabrication du savon. Les fabricants commerciaux retirent la glycérine pour être utilisée dans les lotions et les crèmes plus chères, mais une quantité reste dans chaque barre de savon faite.


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9 reviews for Glycerin – USP – 99.7%

  1. Colleen

    I haven’t used Glycerin for a few years and when your glycerin arrived, I was so pleased with the texture, and clarity. Great quality!!

  2. Pénélope

    Great Item, awesome product really.
    Fastest shipping ever, and brilliant customer service!

  3. Nicole

    It’s so clear!! Great quality! Great price! Can’t wait to use it in my hair and skin products.

  4. Angela

    I always find this a great glycerin for the price!

  5. Kate

    What can I say about Glycerin? It’s underrated. It’s an amazing product that has a sweet scent and truly provides excellent moisture to products as well texture. I use this frequently with other products and it’s a much needed resource for cosmetics. Don’t underestimate the power of Glycerin. I say it’s a must have in most formulations.
    Thank you Saffire for allowing my company to obtain and sell quality products and excellent prices. Pure Radiance Natural skin Care http://www.pureradiance.ca

  6. Sarah

    I used this in my bubble bars AND in my CP shaving soap! Really good quality. The Glycerin made the soap silky and definitely useful for a shaving soap.

  7. Angela

    Great way to buy it. I ran out and had to buy small bottles from the drug store. This is so much better and works perfect.

  8. Annie

    Fast shipping. The products are well packed and the arrived in perfect condition. The glycerin have very good texture and is efficient.

  9. Brenda

    Great price. Thick clear liquid. Used in my bath syrup. Smells clean. Was easy to pour from bottle . I haven’t used very much of my bottle. Happy to see a little goes a long way

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