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Green Clay, also known as French Green Clay, one of the most popular and useful clay’s used in cosmetics containing a wide range of minerals and salts including magnesium, calcium, potassium, dolomite, silica, manganese, phosphorous, silicon, copper, and selenium which enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms.

Use in soaps at 1 Tbsp per lb of finished soap.  Can also be used in powders (foot and body) and in poultices and masks. French Green Clay – grayish green, the colour is due to the presence of ferrous and magnesium ions. This is the most widely used of the cosmetic clay’s.  French Green Clay is the best clay for oily skin as it reduces sebum production and exfoliates dead skin.

INCI: Montmorillonite (French Green Clay)


L’argile verte, également connue sous le nom de Français’argile verte, l’une des argiles les plus populaires et utiles utilisées dans les cosmétiques contenant un large éventail de minéraux et de sels, y compris le magnésium, le calcium, le potassium, la dolomite, la silice, le manganèse, le phosphore, le silicium, le cuivre et le sélénium qui améliorent la production d’enzymes dans tous les organismes vivants.

Utiliser dans les savons à 1 c. à soupe par lb de savon fini. Peut également être utilisé dans les poudres (pied et corps) et dans les poultices et les masques. Français’argile verte – vert grisâtre, la couleur est due à la présence d’ions ferreux et magnésium. C’est le plus largement utilisé des argiles cosmétiques. Français l’argile verte est la meilleure argile pour la peau grasse car elle réduit la production de sébum et exfolie la peau morte.

INCI: Montmorillonite (Français’argile verte)

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14 reviews for Green Clay

  1. Tania

    I am very happy with the quality and price of the product. It was used as an addition to my cp soap. The green clay colours cp soap to a soft grey/green.

  2. Begona

    Perfect to use in soap making! I love Saffire’s green clay, mixed perfect in trace and the soap is great!


    Je n’ai pas encore utlisé le produit mais d’après mes longues recherche il est recommander pour les soins de la peau pour le Savon… J’ai aimé la quantité que j’ai recu pour le prix..

  4. Amanda

    we mix this clay and a few others to make a face mask, I love the quality and price of this product! another great product.

  5. Elizabeth

    i am happy with this product, I use it to make shaving soaps for the first time and it gave the soap that smooth glide that everyone is talking about, and the prices are really great.

  6. Elizabeth

    Good products, i used it in my Shaving soaps which gave the soap an amazing glide and I love the green color, the prices are really great.

  7. julie

    I love to use this into my cp soap it gives a nice green color and plus it all naturel so I would definitely buy more

  8. Cindy

    Works great in cp soaps. Adds a nice light green color.

  9. jennifer

    It helped with my acne.Great value & the shipping was well package.

  10. Amelia

    I love this product, it’s amazing for so many different recipes. Perfect for the facial cleansing bars that I make. I only bought a small amount this time as I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. But will definitely be re-purchasing in bulk next time. It’s so versatile.

  11. Ange

    Great addition to cp soap. Love the container. Easy to store.

  12. Aiat

    If you have acne, this is for you. Even if you don’t, this is still for you! I was a bit sceptical about clays before purchasing and trying them out. I did break out the next day after using this mixed with bentonite clay. But that’s a good thing. If you have acne, and clogged pores, like I do then you will most likely break out as the clays draw the toxins from your skin. I used it in a 50/50 mixture with bentonite clay, and organic apple cider vinegar, as a face mask. You can also use it with water. I would also recommend the “Red Clay” as I have read great thing about it for clogged skin. I have not tried it yet though! All three clays are here on SB; give them a try!

  13. Wendy

    Beautiful light green, with a tinge of grey clay, that is very fine in texture. It mixes very smoothly with water and with yogurt for wonderful face masks. It is absolutely perfect for oily, acneic skin! Customer service is always wonderful here!

  14. Victoria

    great clay for masks and CP soap! makes a nice light green in soap

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