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Lip Balm Tray Scraper


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Use this handy tool to scrape away excess wax when filling your lip balm tubes using the lip balm filling tray.

Utilisez cet outil pratique pour gratter l’excès de cire lors du remplissage de vos tubes baume à lèvres à l’aide du plateau de remplissage de baume à lèvres.

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3 reviews for Lip Balm Tray Scraper

  1. Kim

    There’s only good things to say about this tray scraper. When you make lip balms, you’ll see why I say this. The tray and tray scraper is an absolute must, it makes lip balm making so much easier.

  2. esther

    Thank you saffireblue for making my life easier by having practical products to help me building my company.

  3. Debra

    This scraper fits the lip balm filling tray perfectly. It is great for cleaning off the drips from my bad pouring.

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