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Lip Balm Tubes Natural

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Natural (semi-translucent/frosted) round tube and cap for lip balm, body butters, cuticle cream, solid perfume and more! Twist up base allows your product to be evenly and cleanly distributed. Natural tube and cap are manufactured of polypropylene plastic, both tube and cap are recyclable. Compatibility testing is always recommended. Specifications:

  • Case size: 2500 or 12500
  • Colour: Natural
  • Size: 4.25 gram or .15 oz
  • Diameter: 0.625″
  • Height: 2.375″

Caps are included.

Shrink Bands for Lip Balm Tubes

    48 reviews for Lip Balm Tubes Natural

    1. Yvonne

      Excellent value for these tubes and it is nice to be able to see the product inside. Saffire Blue’s prices just can’t be beat…thanks Saffire Blue!

    2. Kyla

      Great product and great price. You cant go wrong with these.

    3. Carrie

      First time trying to make my own balm…fun but have to master how to pour them better:)Love these little tubes and the price is great!

    4. Lisa

      Great price! The last time I purchased these I paid more than double. I also like the clear over the coloured ones

    5. Norah

      These are great! If you don’t have a filling tray, I recommend filling these with the disposable transfer pipettes they also sell here, as the opening is very narrow 🙂

    6. Candice

      These are great, pretty easy to fill even with just a measuring cup. Super handy for small gifts for family and friends. Price has almost doubled recently, but still a pretty good deal.

    7. Mary

      The price was great for these. The containers at my local stores cost a fortune and don’t look as nice as these ones.

    8. Annick

      I\’m really happy with my lip balm tube!They are great!The only little down about it is I ordered 50 and there was 3 missing!!(but for the price I didn\’t complain!)It was my first time ordering but not the last 🙂

      **** 3 will be sent out asap ****

    9. Jenny

      Amazing price and quality. Makes for a professional lip balm

    10. Michelle

      I love that you can see rich through so you get the color & to make sure no air spaces got it.

    11. Christine

      I love them. They are really sturdy. The best I bought so far.

    12. Cynthia

      These are very sturdy – have never had one that didn’t swivel up. Great price too!

    13. Lamar

      Great quality product! I got exactly what I had expected based on the descriptions and on other reviews. I was nicely surprised by their durability and the price was just as impressive. Overall great purchase! 🙂

    14. Dianne

      These are exactly what they say they are, small lip balm tubes with lids and the base turns to push your product up. I haven’t figured out a non-messy way to fill them yet as I did not purchase the filling tray or a funnel, but they work well for what they are intended for. Nothing fancy but very practical and a great price.

    15. Karen

      Excellent product for the price. Cap is nice and secure, bottom swivels easily, and are well balanced. I was not worried that they were going to tip while filling them or waiting for them to set. I would definitely buy them again.

    16. Sarah

      Nothing fancy but great price for them. I prefer the ‘see-through’ tubes and these were perfect.

    17. Sandrine

      Lip balm tubes are perfect for DIY lipstick or even for any king of balm, no only for lips. I love these tubes because I can see the coulour through. Love it!

    18. Megan

      Awesome tubes at a great price! A must have for your lip balm needs

    19. Darlene

      very nice, I like that you can just buy 1 if you like but at these prices why would you, friendly service, I recommend this site to everybody

    20. Geneviève

      Ces tubes sont vraiment parfaits. Je les préfère aux tubes blancs, qui paraissent sales plus facilement. Les tubes transparents sont plus chics. 🙂

    21. James

      This is THE BEST PRICING I have seen for this product and I looked at lots of different places! Great deal!

    22. esther

      Thank you saffireblue for having practical productd at a reasonnable price. I love it.

    23. jennifer

      A nice basic tube! I love that is clear so you can see the lip balm color.

    24. emily

      Great tubes, great price! they did not leak and roll up well. my only regret was not buying more!

    25. Laura

      These tubes do the job while looking cute! Great price and I love that I can order how many units I needs.

    26. McKayla

      Great quality and looks beautiful with a bit of home made salve inside of them!
      Perfect for gifts!

    27. McKayla

      The perfect lip balm tubes. Makes lovely gifts! I like the natural tubes as it reveals the actual color of the balm!

    28. Debbie

      These are perfect!!!! I love that you can see the product through the sides. Lightweight but sturdy as well. Awesome!!

    29. Carrie

      Perfect price and perfect quality. I prepared many lip balm tubes for upcoming Christmas gifts. Thank you Saffire Blue, I appreciate the low cost of these tubes.

    30. Cynthia

      I love these especially cause you could see how much product is left in the tube. they don’t leak, and are easy to fill. I just placed another order for them.

    31. Erna

      Perfect for lip balms. I also ordered the filling tray which i am excited about using for these containers

    32. Kaleigh

      great quality,and the best price for these tubes that ive been able to find anywhere

    33. Nancy

      These are great! Look nice when filled. I will buy more!

    34. Jillian

      Great quality. They work very well for lip balm, and scented perfume sticks alike.

    35. CORAZON G.

      I love this tubes. they are all clean and damage at all. Thank you SB!!!

    36. Margot

      Love to make lip balm for gift giving – these work great and are so affordable I make giant batches.

    37. Erna

      have ordered these before and they are the same great product.

    38. Debra

      These tubes have a snuggly fitting cap and easy turning mechanism. Definitely recommended.

    39. Natasha

      Can’t beat the price! I have not run into any issues with any of the tubes so far.

    40. Lisa

      Great lip balm tubes! The last ones I bought elsewhere had caps that didn’t stay closed, so it was absolutely fantastic to find some that work properly at such a great price. I will definitely buy these again. The only thing better would be if I could get mini lip balm sample tubes here as well.

    41. Valerie

      Great product and quality, exactly what I needed. Will definitely purchase again.

    42. Tara

      love love love these. light and easy to use. great price.

    43. Michelle

      Excellent price! Great Product. Shipping was slow and VERY expensive though. Product works well though…

    44. Kristen

      I like the clear look. Great price! I used them for my tinted lip balms 🙂

    45. Natasha

      Love the clear tubes, great to show off the product. Will try this with the shrink band and bought the lip balm filling tray.

    46. Cameron

      Fantastic tubes! I used these for testing products so I don\’t have to waste my more expensive containers.

    47. Robert

      A great packaging option that helps elevate the appearance of the product giving it an upscale look. Price is very good too.

    48. BETH

      Love these lip balms tubes and love that they are clear. Everyone was so impressed with my homemade lip balms!

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