• Lip Balm Tubes White

Lip Balm Tubes White

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White round tube and cap for lip balm, body butters, cuticle cream, solid perfume and more! Twist up base allows your product to be evenly and cleanly distributed. White tube and cap are manufactured of polypropylene plastic, both tube and cap are recyclable. Compatibility testing is always recommended. Specifications:

  • Case size: 2500 or 12500
  • Colour: White
  • Size: 4.25 gram or .15 oz
  • Diameter: 0.625″
  • Height: 2.375″

Caps are included.

Shrink Bands for Lip Balm Tubes



Tube rond blanc et casquette pour baume à lèvres, beurres pour le corps, crème cuticule, parfum solide et plus encore! Twist up base permet à votre produit d’être réparti uniformément et proprement. Le tube blanc et le capuchon sont fabriqués en plastique en polypropylène, le tube et le capuchon sont recyclables. Les tests de compatibilité sont toujours recommandés.

Taille du boîtier : 2500 ou 12500
Couleur: Blanc
Taille: 4.25 grammes ou .15 oz
Diamètre: 0.625″
Hauteur: 2.375″

Les casquettes sont incluses
Bandes de rétrécissement pour tubes de baume à lèvres

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28 reviews for Lip Balm Tubes White

  1. Tania

    I like to use these for my lip balms. The price can’t be beat and the quality is good.

  2. Elizabeth

    Perfect tubes for a perfect price. So nice to have Saffire Blue in Canada to supply all my lotion bar and lip balm ingredients and packaging.

  3. Kyla

    Great quality and a great price. You cant go wrong with these.

  4. Rachael

    I was so excited when I found these here and the price is just CRAZY AMAZING!!! Thank you Saffire Blue!

  5. Joanne

    Great price! Just what I needed to make my lipbalms.

  6. Christine

    Yay! I can now create my own chap sticks! My only addiction! Lol

  7. Ursula

    Great tubes, with a nice sliding action. Well priced.

  8. Megan

    wonderful tubes at a great price. a must have for your homemade lip balm!

  9. Li

    Works great for lip balms and great price! Going to order more next time!

  10. JJ

    The white 1/2 oz lip balm tubes I ordered were very durable throughout the whole phase of the balm making. The caps stay on tight once capped, labels stick easily to the smooth surface and I find them useful for measuring purposes with my recipes….eg: 1 cup of oil makes 16 tubes of lip balm….voila!

  11. Adrienne

    These are the perfect size for a descent lip balm tube. They fit everywhere: pocket, purse, handbag.

  12. Marlene

    These are perfect lip balm tubes solid white and protect the product from light. Very easy to use.

  13. Katie

    These tubes came at a great price and the quality is exceptional. Great company to order from.

  14. Cath

    These tunes are great for lip balm. The prices are better than prices in the U.S. Makes great gifts.

  15. stephanie

    These tubes are great! Perfect for me and my lip balm making hobby! They are perfect for personal use tubes for lipbalms, and they also come in handy to use as sample sizes when people want to try out my lipbalms! And you cant beat the price either; great quality for super cheap!!! Will definitely be coming tobsaffire blue when its time to buy more, i actually have a cart right now with them in it as we speak! 🙂

  16. Jennifer

    Perfect price and great product for making your own lip balm.

  17. Monica

    Great quality product! I use these for all my lip balms I make for my business. Definitely recommend this!

  18. FERN

    Perfect for making lip balm. Clean and simple.
    Only one suggestion. When shipping maybe ship the caps and the tubs in separate bags.
    My came all in one bag with caps on the bottom of 400 tubs. Having them in separate bags would be easier to to get to the caps.

  19. Cathrine

    Great little tubes! Great price and unlike some tubes I’ve used in the past,these don’t leak,and the caps are a nice tight fit.Great for lip balms,solid perfume sticks and even cream eye shadows!

  20. Christianne

    Best price I have ever found in over ten years! Shipped quickly too!

  21. Tannis

    My daughter was thrilled that we could make lip balm and these little tubes were fabulous.

  22. Bessie

    Th tubes have a nice tight lid and the they are priced well for the amount I bought.

  23. Deanna

    The lip balm tubes are great and the best price ever. I did have a problem however with the bag splitting open in shipping and I had tubes and caps throughout my whole order. What fun! It would be nice if the tubes came with caps on so that if this were to happen they would not be full of packing peanut fiber. I now have to wash out each tube and sanitize before filling which is a lot of work. The tubes themselves are great and I would buy them again.

  24. Maranda

    better quality than those cheap ones you can buy on ebay! great price as usual

  25. Margaret

    Just having so much fun making lip balms for everyone! Never made anything before but can find everything I need here at Saffire Blue. These tube are inexpensive and work great!

  26. Brenda

    I got these cute little tubes in a lip balm kit love them. FYI. You should be disinfecting everything before placing product in it. Also I have no issues with the way my orders are packed. I only have praise for everyone at Saffire Blue. Do mistakes happen. Yes. However Saffire Blue is always quick to fix any problems and make this GS right

  27. Karen

    Bought this product for making All Natural lip Balms, and it worked out so nice, easy to fill and very affordable. Thank you!!

  28. Cindy

    Good quality lip balm tubes…labels stick well and balm is a molded into a lovely round stick!

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