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Mango Butter – Refined

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Mango Butter is obtained from the fruit seed of the Mango Tree (Mangifera Indica) which is grown in the sub-tropics of India and other parts of the world, from its seed a firm butter is rendered, suitable for soaps, cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceuticals. Mango Butter exhibits excellent moisturizing for lotions and good lubricity on skin. It melts readily at skin temperatures making it ideal for sticks, balms and suppositories. It also counters the drying effects of bar soaps and cleansers. Mango Butter can be used to help provide relief from dry skin.


Country of Origin:  India

Common Uses of Mango Butter

  • Body care products
  • Soaps
  • Lotions, massage creams
  • Lip Balms

Benefits of Mango Butter

  • Excellent moisturizer
  • Melts readily at skin temperature
  • Counters drying effects of soaps


  • SAP Value: 137 – 192
  • Usage Rate: Lotions & Creams: 3-5%
  • Usage Rate: Balms: 5-100%
  • Usage Rate: Soap: 3-6%
  • Usage Rate: Conditioners: 2-5%



Le beurre de mangue est obtenu à partir de la graine de fruit de l’arbre de mangue (Mangifera Indica) qui est cultivé dans les sous-tropiques de l’Inde et d’autres parties du monde, de sa graine un beurre ferme est rendu, adapté aux savons, cosmétiques, articles de toilette et pharmaceutiques. Le beurre de mangue présente une excellente hydratation pour les lotions et une bonne lubrification sur la peau. Il fond facilement à la température de la peau, ce qui le rend idéal pour les bâtons, les baumes et les suppositoires. Il contrecarre également les effets de séchage des savons à barres et des nettoyants. Le beurre de mangue peut être utilisé pour aider à fournir le soulagement de la peau sèche.

Pays d’origine: Inde

Utilisations courantes du beurre de mangue

  • Produits de soins corporels
  • Savons
  • Lotions, crèmes de massage
  • Baume à lèvres

Avantages du beurre de mangue

  • Excellente crème hydratante
  • Fond facilement à la température de la peau
  • Contre les effets de séchage des savons


  • Valeur SAP: 137 – 192
  • Taux d’utilisation: Lotions et Crèmes: 3-5%
  • Taux d’utilisation: Baumes: 5-100%
  • Taux d’utilisation: Savon: 3-6%
  • Taux d’utilisation: Conditionneurs: 2-5%
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18 reviews for Mango Butter – Refined

  1. David

    Very nice, evenly melted, very smooth, great quality.

  2. Brenda

    just love it, it is so so lovely to smell, it will be great to start using it

  3. Pauline

    I love this mango butter. Excellent in Cold Process and Hot Process soaps. Beautiful bubbly lather! customer love it!

  4. Hillary

    I thought that mango butter would have more of a smell, but it pretty much doesn’t smell at all. This is a positive thing because there is no scent to worry about covering up. Its ‘hardness’ compared to cocoa butter is that it is a bit softer, but not as soft as shea butter. I like to add the mango butter to help keep my products hard at room temperature.

  5. Christine

    Seems to be good. I’ve never used it before so I didn’t know what to expect. But it seems nice…

  6. Dianne

    I thought this butter would have a bit of a mango smell to it but it seems to be completely unscented, which I suppose is good if you want to add any of your own scents to it. It was frozen when I received it so I thought it was as hard as cocoa butter but it doesn’t seem to be quite that hard. It is harder than my shea butter so I guess it’s somethere in between the two. It blends well with my other butters and seems to be nice and moisturizing.

  7. Geneviève

    Excellent pour les shampoings solides! Qualité excellente. J’ai beaucoup aimé votre beurre de mangue.

  8. Marlene

    I loved using this Mango Butter in my soaps and body butters. It is beautiful on the skin. It is basically unscented and has no effect on the scent of the finished product.

  9. Cath

    This is an awesome product. Best prices too. Delivery quick.

  10. acacia

    Love it! I use it all the time in body butters and my skin has never felt better!

  11. Caro

    This mango butter gave a velvety texture to my cold process soap. I can’t wait to try using it in my cosmetic recipes!

  12. Pénélope

    I wonder why I didn’t try this butter before! Smells great, and it’s amazing in lip balms!!

  13. Cara

    Great Value. Love the quality. I’m really excited to start using different butters and oils in my soap making

  14. Valerie

    This Mango butter is beautiful, incredible fresh smell. I’ve ordered this a couple of times and every time the same great quality! Thank you.

  15. Natasha

    Used this butter instead of shea for my lip balms and it gave nice gloss when used with other oils and very moisturizing. Will try in other hair and body products too!

  16. Bethany

    Very lovely butter, I use it in my whipped body butters and it\’s great for soothing a sunburn!

  17. Wendy

    Really fresh product, I found it easy to use in my lotion and lip balm recipes. Excellent mess-free packaging.

  18. Wendy

    Really fresh product, I found it easy to use in my lotion and lip balm recipes. Excellent mess-free packaging.

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