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Menthol Crystals

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Menthol Crystals are ideal for use in ointments, liniments, salves and balms. These clear, colourless, needle-like crystals have an odour resembling peppermint.

INCI: Menthol

Les cristaux de menthol sont idéaux pour une utilisation dans les pommades, les liniments, les pommades et les baumes. Ces cristaux clairs, incolores et en forme d’aiguille ont une odeur qui ressemble à celle de la menthe poivrée.

INCI : Menthol


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7 reviews for Menthol Crystals

  1. Kyla

    Very nice crystals. Very strong scent. Great packaging so no worries about storing them beside other products on your shelf.

  2. Patrick

    Thanks,speedy delivery and got exactly what i paid for

  3. Allison A

    I was so happy to find this product at your reasonable price. I always add menthol crystals to my joint relief roll-ons and pain-relieving sprays, whether the recipe calls for them or not. The added cooling and soothing benefits are wonderful for such uses.

  4. Joanne

    This was my first order with Saffire Blue. Their prices are very competitive and I was pleased to see that their product quality is excellent. These crystals were packaged in a great container. The product itself is pure and very effective. I use these crystals in a few of my homemade natural products – a vapor rub and a pain relieving lotion bar. If you need a menthol powder, just simply put some crystals in a piece of parchment paper and crush with a hammer. Excellent product!

  5. Allison A

    What a great price for these crystals. I make a lot of sprays for inflammation and pain, and I always add menthol crystals whether the recipe calls for them or not. The cooling feeling they impart to the sprays feels wonderful when used for chronic pain from the spine.

  6. Darlene

    Love these crystals packaging is wonderful Price good and very quick delivery can’t wait to make a nice foot Cream or something for my hubby’s sore back

  7. Darlene

    Wow super scent great packaging. Can’t wait to use it in a foot cream

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