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Monoi de Tahiti Oil

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Monoi de Tahiti is a natural oil created by soaking the indigenous Gardenia Tahitensis (Tiare) flowers in coconut oil extracted from coconuts that are grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil of the Tahitian islands. Tiare flowers are rich in salycylates (especially Methyl salicyclate).  During the soaking process, known as “effleurage”, the Tiare flowers release their fragrance and special properties into the coconut oil. The unique result obtained is what differentiates Monoi de Tahiti from ordinary coconut oil.

How to use Monoi de Tahiti Monoi’s moisturizing and emollient properties make it a versatile active ingredient for a wide variety of personal care and well-being products.

Monoi is a wonderful addition to creams, conditioning sprays, balms, lip and stick balms, after sun and sports care, hair conditioning treatments and more.

A few drops deep-moisturize and re-hydrate the driest skin instantly. When applied as a pre-shampoo hair repair treatment, Monoi de TahitiR restores the hair’s lustrous shine to dry or even badly damaged chemically processed hair.

Monoi de Tahiti is very rich and highly concentrated that one needs to use only a few drops at the time. With Monoi de Tahiti, “LESS IS BETTER”.

Tested for its hair-fibre reparative and conditioning properties, Monoi is recommended for use in hair-masks, conditioners or hair-care shampoos.

For Use On Your Body

Monoi de Tahiti is ideal for all skin types but is most beneficial for people who suffer from dry or very dry skin problems. Apply it immediately after a shower or a bath when your skin is still moist. Rub a few drops of Monoi de Tahiti in your hands and massage all over. If your skin is particularly dry, even scaly dry, Monoi de Tahiti is the ideal moisturizer for you. Used regularly it will help restore its natural healthy, smooth and soft appearance to your skin.

For Use On Your Face

Because it is 100% natural from vegetal ingredients, Monoi de Tahiti is safe to use on your face, especially if your skin is dry or wrinkled. It will soak right in and leave your face more youthful, healthier looking.

TO USE: pour a few drops of Monoi de TahitiR on the tip of your fingers and apply gently. Blot any excess with a soft tissue. At night leave on straight.

If your skin is oily do not use. If your skin is a combination of oily and dry spots, use sparingly in the dry areas only. At night, gently dab a few drops of Monoi de Tahiti around the delicate area of the eyes and gently blot any excess.

For Use In Your Hair

The beauty of Tahitian women is legendary. Their beautiful, lustrous hair is particularly famous. Their secret is Monoi de Tahiti, which they use frequently as a pre-shampoo deep conditioner.

TO USE: simply warm your Monoi de Tahiti bottle under HOT TAP WATER until it is quite warm. Apply generously all over your hair especially if it is dry, dull or chemically damaged or chemically processed. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and with a towel to create a warming effect, which will help the deep-conditioning process. Leave on for 30 minutes or as long as you wish. The longer the treatment, the better the results. Remove the towel and the plastic cap. Wash your hair thoroughly and see for yourself the difference. Your hair will become soft, full and bouncy and incredible shiny. If your hair is particularly damaged, repeat the process at least twice a week.

For Use In Your Bath

Monoi de Tahiti is a natural aromatherapy ingredient par excellence. To create a sensational relaxing moment in your bath pour a few drops of Monoi in hot, steamy water and enjoy this well-deserved pleasure, surrounded by the delicate fragrance of the enchanting Tahitian Gardenia. After your bath massage Monoi de Tahiti all over your body while your skin is still warm & moist. The heat will help the Monoi soak right in and will bring additional deep-moisturizing benefits to your skin.

Hands & Feet:  Monoi de Tahiti is ideal for your feet/hands as a deep-moisturizing treatment especially for people who suffer from excessive dry skin or calluses.

C.T.F.A. name: Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Oil (and) Tiare (Gardenia Tahitensis) Flowers
INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil (and) Gardenia Tahitensis Flowers
CAS N°: 8001-31-8
Extraction Method: Maceration
SAP NaOH: 0.1840
SAP KOH: 0.2525
Required HLB: 8
Shelf Life: 2 years

Monoi de Tahiti solidifies – and sometimes in a non-homogeneous way – below 22°C (71.60 degree Fahrenheit). This is a natural process which in no way affects its natural properties.  To return it to fluidity, simply reheat your bottle of Monoi de Tahiti under a stream of hot water or in winter keep it near a source of heat. NEVER USE A MICROWAVE OVEN.

14 reviews for Monoi de Tahiti Oil

  1. Jessica

    Great price for a high quality product! Absolutely amazing oil that is true luxury!

  2. Helen

    This is such a beautiful high end product. The smell is intoxicating.
    I use this for my hands and nails with great results

  3. Yvonne

    Fabulous oil…I am not a fan of flowery scents but I have to say that this one has a stimulating scent that is very addictive.

  4. Marlene

    Oh my goodness! The smell is divine, it melts on contact, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. One drop in the morning and one drop in the evening on my face leaves my skin moisturized and soft. I would definitely buy this again.

  5. Stephanie

    Such an incredibly intoxicating floral aroma! Very light feeling and fast absorbing. I will definitely reorder Monoi de Tahiti!

  6. Rebecca

    I used this as a superfatting oil in HP soap at 4% and the scent was just perfect. Next I’m going to try it in CP. Love it!

  7. Rebecca

    I use this in CP soap at 13% of total oils to get a really nice strong scent. At 6% I get a very light delicate scent. Great product!

  8. Linda

    I have found my new favorite oil!! I used this on my hair as soon as I received it, left it on for about half an hour, and my hair was so soft it was almost unbelievable. I also rubbed it into my hands, and it was not greasy at all. Will be using it in my lotion next. Well worth the price.

  9. Cari

    A taste of Hawaii right in a bottle – just delicious

  10. Carrie

    I wish I could rate this oil higher. SIMPLY GORGEOUS! It instantly transports me to the tropics. Lovely, sensual, and sweet.

  11. Allison A

    I bought this oil so that I could treat my adult daughter by making products containing REAL Monoi de Tahiti. I had previously bought her products from “Y… R…..”, and she loved them all. Just wait until she receives lotions, soaps, and creams made with this delightful oil–she’ll never want to go back!

  12. Natasha

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first ordered this oil but wow was I impressed when I received it! The scent is strong so definitely a little goes a long way. I did repackage it into another container so I didn’t have to heat it every time I wanted to use it, as I didn’t want to damage the integrity of the oil. In this regard, I wish the oil came in a pot rather than in a bottle. The tropical scent is intoxicating. The oil itself is incredibly healing.

  13. Annie

    DIVINE! I am truly in love with this oil 🙂 I use a very very tiny amount in my formulation for hair texturizer. Love this stuff!

  14. laura

    Love this! I had another product in the same order that I was really disappointed in, but this made up for it! Exceptional product and value! My only feedback would be the order processing time…it was over two weeks before my order even shipped. It would be nice to know that in advance.

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